Rising artist’s note blog thing #6

originally, I planned on writing a very long blog (or whatever its called) on how curiosity can help artists of all kinds but seeing as people these days don’t really cater to very long reading, I’ll keep it short.

at some point of your artistic time (whatever the type of art), you’re going to have to let curiosity take the wheel and drive you to places you never thought of going. (also, I added some drawings I drew before OwO)

in the process of evil vocaliod hatsune azusa nyan koi wa groovy


Random animation #4

animation test #4

I am somehow impressed and unimpressed by my progress in making animation (although I planned to do more things but somehow it became difficult to go on), the deadline for the short film project is coming close so I have to work my best to make sure I fully understand how to make animation (your suggestions, criticism and help counts)

Rising artist’s note blog thing #5

what kinda annoys me is when people say something like “I am better at drawing than you, you’re drawing’s horrible”. it just annoys me(not to the point where I make a blog about it >.> <.<) because when you say “I am better than you at drawing”, does it mean you are better at drawing trees? cars? animals? people? space? be more specific because it is really confusing and also there’s no such thing as being “better” in drawing (in drawing, there’s is no right, no wrong. you have a billion gazilion examples of people’s drawing and yet somehow, yours is the correct one?). it saddens me to a great degree that people take such words seriously. everyone has their own special individual style no matter how similar it looks. -w-