Rising artist’s note blog thing #2

I want to write this now before I forget what to say…

Last december, I went to my drawer and randomly picked up one of the notebooks that I used for drawing and start comparing to the drawings back then and now (I do this every december), what makes this so enjoyable is that some notebooks and sketchpad have this pretty perk in which each time I look at one of the drawings, I start remembering things that happened at the time I was drawing that drawing (the best way to describe it). from one notebook sketchpad to another, I was enjoying the memories I receive from each one (some are happy and some are sad). until for some reason, I reached to a sketchpad that was literally empty with memories, the drawings were amazing but no memories. it bothered me up until last week I realized the reason, the reason why some of the drawings had this pretty installed memory was because I had nothing to refer to, it was just me and my imagination, guiding me throughout the drawing, I was drawing based on what felt right, not what felt proper. I believe artist at some point of the drawing process, should trust their artistic instincts. that’s all I have to say.



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