Calling all animators

My professor has given us an assignment which is to make a short film, wanting to put my drawing experience to use, I chose to do an animation. now the deadline is at around 26-28th of april. so I am gonna need as much help as I can from anyone (I am open to suggestions).

your help will be much appreciated -w-



  1. hey 😉 Last year I also drew a trick film for my final exams at school. The thing is, that I think it would be good for you to wright a story (board). What exactly do you want to show?
    As an example: I wanted to show different stadiums a person (in this case a woman) could reach in a lifetime.

    I hope my answer could help you a little. When you want to know more, just ask!. xoxo Robs Rumey

      1. let me think…
        – I studied running people very closely (You Tube is great for this!) also in Slow-Motion, just to see and watch how they move! I was interested in the exactly moving of the hands and feet.
        – I started with Stick-Man to see if I got the move right before I drew the skin and clothes and all the other details.
        – I used about 12 pictures per second. In a trickfilm they use 24 or 25 pictures per second. (frame) It depends on you how many pictures you want to draw how long you are in the “right” mood to draw 😉
        – as I said before, for me it is important that there is a story behind the film. A thread running through the story.
        – draw something you are interested in, something you really do like, something you can not get enough. (For me I had the big theme of identity. Who am I?)
        – I was very lucky because my dad constructed a “light box” (As in the major motion picture studios) but if you do not have this no problem: 1) Some paper is light enough so you can see the picture under it. 2) you can user your window (when it is light outside)
        – You can watch the principle of the flip book. (This helped me a lot!)

        This are all the points I remember so far. I do not think that I forgot one.
        I do have some documents about the facts behind the animation too. But they are all in German because I wrote them myself (I looked up in hundreds of different books and internet sites to get a good basic material for my final exams) I do not know if you would need those too?! Let me know, I will see what I can do for you and translate 😉
        xoxo Robs Rumey

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