Rising artist’s note blog thing #5

what kinda annoys me is when people say something like “I am better at drawing than you, you’re drawing’s horrible”. it just annoys me(not to the point where I make a blog about it >.> <.<) because when you say “I am better than you at drawing”, does it mean you are better at drawing trees? cars? animals? people? space? be more specific because it is really confusing and also there’s no such thing as being “better” in drawing (in drawing, there’s is no right, no wrong. you have a billion gazilion examples of people’s drawing and yet somehow, yours is the correct one?). it saddens me to a great degree that people take such words seriously. everyone has their own special individual style no matter how similar it looks. -w-




  1. You are absolutely correct.

    I tend to use the term “overstylized” instead. The reason why many consider a drawing to be better than another is when there is a decent balance between the “reality and meaning” in the work.

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