imagine this funny scenario

as a young boy growing up watching disney movies, one of those movies was hercules (an amazing movie which I might add) but then I heard about god of war (which totally flipped my view of greek mythology). now as a disney movie fan who watched hercules, this seemed astonishing and yet seriously epic (even though it made every single character I loved from hercules look and acted totally different, I still loved it). then I watched clash and wrath of the titans (which were total disappointments), after watching the movie, I started to think, what would happen if you put a hardcore god of war fan and a hercules fan and made them watch clash of the titans? (I believe the results would be hilarious >w<)



[WARNING] reading up ahead [WARNING]

imagine this scenario, you’re sitting on your coach watching tv, minding your own business until somehow, your brain decides to show you some disturbing and annoying images in your head.  normally, you would have a filter that automatically starts the moment you have these kinds of images but for artists (in the general term), its a different story. the fact that artists are VERY curious creatures means that the artist will do anything to satisfy the hungry curiosities (even if it mean going to the dark sides of the internet O_o). the fact that artists are curious creatures means that artists have (in computer terms) uninstalled the module (or device or protocol or whatever you want to call it) that is responsible for filtering out the disturbing and annoying thoughts.  on the plus side, artists can look at the most horrid of things and analyze them for artistic value (yeah, people would go that far), the down side would be that the moment when artists are busy with something important (like studying or working) and a VERY disturbing thought occurs, artists are left powerless against these thought, no matter how hard an artist tries to remove these thoughts, it just somehow evolves into something more disturbing. I guess years and years of satisfying the hungry curiosity, without even noticing, you lose the ability to filter out the horrid and disturbing thoughts. >_<

Rising artist’s note blog thing #7

(its been a reaally long while since I wrote one of these but anyway)

never be afraid to make mistakes….actually become fearless when making mistakes, whenever a drawing, story, sculpture or whatever the art you are doing, always remember that there’s a possibility of things not going your way. you learn more when you make mistakes rather than succeeding, finally, learn your limits and~~~ GOING BEYOND IT!!!!!!!!!


about the short film project


you know, at first, I was really excited when I first heard that there’s gonna be a short film project in learning assessment 2 (back then, I was taking learning assessment 1) and now I dread the day that there’s such a thing called short film project (because its taking up most of my time!!!! [I just had to choose to do an animation, I could’ve just chosen a normal video but noooooooo, I had to be special, I had to let my artistic side get the best of me, I am freakin’ managing my time like crazy to study and to make the animation ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH]). phewww….glad I got that out of my system -w-