[WARNING] reading up ahead [WARNING]

imagine this scenario, you’re sitting on your coach watching tv, minding your own business until somehow, your brain decides to show you some disturbing and annoying images in your head.  normally, you would have a filter that automatically starts the moment you have these kinds of images but for artists (in the general term), its a different story. the fact that artists are VERY curious creatures means that the artist will do anything to satisfy the hungry curiosities (even if it mean going to the dark sides of the internet O_o). the fact that artists are curious creatures means that artists have (in computer terms) uninstalled the module (or device or protocol or whatever you want to call it) that is responsible for filtering out the disturbing and annoying thoughts.  on the plus side, artists can look at the most horrid of things and analyze them for artistic value (yeah, people would go that far), the down side would be that the moment when artists are busy with something important (like studying or working) and a VERY disturbing thought occurs, artists are left powerless against these thought, no matter how hard an artist tries to remove these thoughts, it just somehow evolves into something more disturbing. I guess years and years of satisfying the hungry curiosity, without even noticing, you lose the ability to filter out the horrid and disturbing thoughts. >_<



  1. It gets worse. The ability to filter that is. What you have to do is input as many/more pleasant images in your brain to wash the other stuff away. Artist by nature are more sensitive creatures and if you don’t keep that side in check it will eat you. Cuteoverload.com is a great site to scrub your brain.

    1. although I do agree what you said but not for all artists that technique works. artists who are in the dark/gore (basically the creepy stuff) category will have a really difficult time filtering out those disturbing ideas with pleasant ideas (because their work requires them to delve deep into the insane parts of the human mind, like myself).

      1. I disagree. If you don’t find something to counter balance it then it will consume you to a point that you can’t make art any longer.

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