modding any game

[[[[[WARNING: READING AHEAD!!!!!!]]]]]]]]

nearly everyone has a game in their laptops (or PCs) that they love so much and play it a lot, for me its oblivion, no matter how old or glitchy the game is, I just can’t ignore it. with the number of things you can do you the game (its limitless OWO) but then… some point of your gaming life, you start to realize the limits, walls and restrictions (even start asking your self “they could’ve done this” or “they could’ve done that”), you even start to feel a wall that’s stopping you from going further (possibly even enjoying the game at its fullest, even if you tried going for the hardest)…..but then you learn about this term called “mods”. this word alone can change the game (from simple bugs to WTF!!!). I am writing this blog because I modded a game I had before to the point where it doesn’t work anymore (GTA: San andreas, my other favorite game). I want to tell YOU (the reader), that before you do any type of modding or adding anything to the game, please, remember to BACK-UP your game because trust me, at some point, your game will reach the point of “I QUIT!!!!! GO PLAY ANOTHER GAME!!!!”. another tip is to ALWAYS FOCUS on what you want to mod (say you want to add an extra sword mod, resist the urge of searching for extra mods because YOU WILL LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR in the first place.

that’s all I have to say, from one gamer who has already modded their game (game still functions, I have multiple backups and its more awesome than ever -w-) to a soon-to-become-modder.

thank you for your time =w=


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