Rising artist’s note blog thing #9


ok so I noticed that when I do these whole “Rising artist’s note blog thing” thing, I say some cheezy quote about staying strong, learning and stuff. the thing is, I make these kinds of blogs to talk about my experiences about drawing and art related stuff, anyway before I officially talk about what I was gonna talk about (you mean that we have more reading to do? “ugh”). I will talk about how I got into the whole drawing addiction thing.

I got into art while I was hospitalized and when visiting hours were over, I would be alone (along with the nurses chattering away about something I really don’t care about) in my bed and I had this notebook that one of my sisters gave me, soooo….I started doodling away, after much doodling, I realized that somehow drawing made relax and so I got addicted to drawing (as for how I got into the whole “I wanna be a cartoonist” thing, that’s another time).

on another note, if you spent 5 years of your life trying to learn how to draw manga (japanese comics) then it would be REALLY difficult to learn how to draw american comcis, whats soooo annoying is that each time I try to draw american styled art, it ends up looking japanese-ish -___-…..

any advice? -w-



    1. thank you for the obvious advice -w- but becoming better in drawing isn’t only practicing but researching as well -w- (from what I have discovered so far)

  1. Hmmm, I suggest drawing from real models. Like do realistic studies of anatomy, faces, poses, etc. That was the only way I could get my art from not looking so anime (although my style reverted back to it) because those skills will prove as a great base for studying other styles. But if you’ve already done this, then never mind and keep up the good work.

    1. thanks for the advice, I also found it useful to start reading american comics such as marvel, DC, chaos comic, bad girl art and ultraverse -w- (I have a folder with a HUGE amount of models posing and such which took me a great deal of time to find them >W<)

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