Rising artist’s note blog thing 10#

testing(first off, I apologies for the horrible quality of the drawing, it was too large for the scanner and I had to use my mobile to take a picture of it, if anyone knows a more efficient way of digitizing drawing please do tell -w-)

despite on how horrible the drawing looks, I am still proud that I managed to draw this, this is what months and months of studying and practicing on drawing american-styled art has produced (no where near what I expected myself to achieve but oh well…baby steps -w-). from what I have expected. pretty much the entire artwork goes to anatomical correctness (basically, mess up one part of the drawing and the entire thing and ruined) but then again, anatomical correctness is also found in manga so what’s different? well you define the muscles on both the female and male bodies (except that the females have less muscle definition), when it comes to drawing the face, the lips for both gender have to at least be detailed and that the chins mustn’t be pointy (it has to be rounded). I also noticed that the structure (or the rough draft form of drawing both the body and the head) is completely different, when I drew manga-styled art, I used cubes but in american, I am using circles (not a big surprise). I read once in a how to draw book (chris hart, cutting edge anatomy and comic) that drawing women with shoulders wider than hips and actually considered attractive. finally, when drawing the hair, instead of drawing the hair as one piece but as separate parts (go look at women drawn in manga and comics and you’ll know what I mean).

and I believe that’s it for my report on what I’ve learned so far, as always, if you have any tips for me, please do tell -w- have a nice day


I happen to found this by mistake (I was looking for another book), http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Cutting-Edge-Fusion-Influence/dp/0823001601/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1377900949&sr=1-3&keywords=drawing+cutting+edge+anatomy , somehow, this book teaches you how to draw american-styled comics with a fusion of manga. now I can simply order this book, make my life easier and learn the basics much quicker but you know what. that wouldn’t be fun at all, I am the type that likes the hard route (I find it more exciting) rather than the easier route. anyway, for those who don’t want to spend hours and hours and even days looking online for books about how to draw manga and comics, this is for you but as for me…..I am sticking to what I am doing now (heavy research of both styles -w-)


I am hating hot sauces at the current moment -_-…….


helllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its me, your friendly blogger/rising artist phoenolf, how are ya? -w-………ok soooooooooooo for the passed week, me and my family traveled to dubai (exciting as hell OwO) for a week. the best part of dubai wasn’t the attractions, its rich history nor its humongous mall (called the dubai mall if you are curious)….it was it’s bookstore “kinokuniyo’s”, from there emerged a geekier side of me that I have never known. the bookstore was soooooooooooo big, it had a small cafe inside (which has japanese-based tea and bread, although I never had the chance to try out their melon bread nor the red bean paste bread -_-…) anyway, inside this bookstore had a whole section just for (wait for it OWO)………………………………………………………………..American comic as well as japanese too and from there the money spending started (I bought four comic books as well as artbook for one piece), I’d spend most of my time there just checking out the books (unfortunately you read them because they’re in a plastic casing which unfortunately increases my curiosity meter to the max but thankfully they’re all awesome books) to the point where my family calls me and ask me where am I. after spending a week in dubai, we went to spend a night in bahrain (side note, in the entire trip, I didn’t sleep on the bed due to the fact that there isn’t enough room for me >_<). before we went back to KSA (kingdom of saudi arabia)we went to a restaurant called “potbelly’s” (which is better than “subway” by the way -w-), feeling rather adventurous, I ordered a smoked turkey which had hot peppers and ranch sauce (which was spicy by the way). as much as I enjoyed the sandwich, it was extremely spicy (and yet somehow I managed to finish it). anyway on our way back to KSA, my throat started to feel like I swallowed a bunch of broken glasses (based on my experiences, this wasn’t a good sign) but I just ignored it and yet somehow, at 11:00 pm yesterday, I became sick (hence why I didn’t post a drawing brilliantly illustrating what happened on the trip), yep I became sick because of an overly spicy hot sauce (I currently having problems with tyoing as you can notiec which I am keeping them as proof of my illness). anyway the moral of the story is: don;t eat overly spicy hot suaxe (if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the volcano <_>) buybuy -e-

Glitches…..are they made on purpose?

after watching (and playing) a lot of games and speedruns, you would see a lot of glitches, obvious mistakes made from the game and the such. one question would pop in your head (or at least the curious ones), are glitches really a byproduct (I should double check the meaning -_-) of the game’s programming or is it something to troll us gamers?