I got a hair-cut OwO

even though I am not the type that posts anything that happens to them but yet for some reason I just had to. you see when my hair reaches a certain length, its starts to weigh down on me and I start to have these weird habits (like to over think the simplest of things and what not), so, the only solution is a hair cut and the result is:

DSC_0181this handsome son of a father is me OwO (I’m sexy and I know it)

now, the difference between full hair and hair-cut me is that when I cut my hair, I suddenly become more active and more of a …how do you say “bubbly” person.

anyway, I thought that this was worth mentioning.

question: do you become more active when you cut your hair? (question for boys and girls and other species >w<)



today during class, there was a quiz, the professor told us to put anything related to chemistry below the chair and I was thinking in my head “silly professor, if we put anything related to chemistry below the chair then that means that all the students in the class have to be below the chair” >w<….get it?….you know….everything around us is chemistry and that we are made by organic material….hint hint…carbon and stuff.

why can’t we all get along?

[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING:READING AHEAD!!!!!!!!!]

since the moment manga became as popular as american comics, people are slowly getting into the whole “manga art” thing, learning the ways of manga to draw like their favorite manga artists (I am not an exception, I have a lot of favorites >_<), hell even american comics are getting a twist of manga into them (I recall seeing superman with anime-ish eyes). a few years later, the big questions started to appear……who is stronger, superman (from dc comics) or goku (from dragonball)? and the questions grew from there, who is stronger the dudes from marvel or bleach, who would win, hulk (marvel) or a titan (attack on titans) and even more weirder questions. as much as I like to go heavily research these questions for answers (I have been in a comic fanatic state, researched lots of comic book characters, femforce, superboy-prime and the likes)……unfortunately, such questions can’t be answered because of the logic in amercian comics, there could be more than one earth, so basically, there could be a time where manga characters beat comic characters and vice versa. you know what, what if somebody in the entire internet universe asked the more interesting question, what would happen if the joker joined up with one of the characters of naruto (my bet is on tobi) or lex luthor (from dc comics) with dio brado (from jojo’s bizarre adventures) or even spirit (from will eisner’s “spirit”) helping L search for kira OwO, why can’t we ask those kinds of questions, finding the difference between the two worlds (comics and manga) would cause a lot of trouble (once, when I was researching manga and comic differences which lead me to yahoo answers, I found people cursing at each other because they are trying to prove whose more superior, I say that manga has its own thing and so does comics). why can’t we let manga villains meet the comic villains and have a big evil bar-b-q while the good guys from both manga and comic worlds worry about what the bad guys will do.

don’t you guys agree?   OwO

(halibel and ivy for the win OWO)

I think I am doing well so far >_<


as much as I love to make a drawing of how’s my first day of university went (oh by the way, my university’s semesters started again), I got lazy, so instead, I display you my drawing which shows you how much I’ve progressed, the drawing was taken picture via my beautiful and brilliant sony ericsson ray -w- (I was trying out foreshortening and ink thickness). anyway, I am slowly getting the hang of the whole anatomy and proportionality thing.

anyway, see ya until my next post -w-