military forces potrayed as weaklings in movies and comics

[[[[WARNING!!!!!!!!!READING AHEAD!!!!!!!!]]]


this has been bothering me for quite a while now, we watch an action movie and we see the main character being chased by the military, the military fires a barrage of bullets and yet somehow, none of the bullets hits the character, ok I know he’s the main character but I am for damn certain he can’t stop bullets (apparently, the plot has demanded that no bullets hits the characters).

ok so I have never been to the military (my closest information about the military is through TV)(although if by chance you have been in the military then I salute you “salutes”) nor all that jazz but I am damn sure that the police force and the military are much much much much (and on and on and on) more accurate than that and more fierce, I have watched enough movies to realize that somehow, the plot demands the military and the police force to be a group of wimps that somehow were accepted to the force by chance, ever heard the phrase “I didn’t sign up for this”? it is by far the most used phrase in all of action movies. I am pretty sure if movies actually portrayed how the military and police forces are, then we’d see a totally different movie.

I am leaving no prisoners here, comics and manga (japanese manga) have this tendency of making the police and military forces weak as crazy (even fantasy ones), although I can’t name some american comics that follows such a pattern (but when I do, I will mention them, do countless nameless henchmen who are there just to show that the character is very strong count?), but its widely seen in manga, bleach is the first manga that comes to mind, for those who don’t know what bleach is (I would say google it but then again, I’ll be kind enough to spare you the finger-button pressing,, due to some events that happen in the story, the main character goes to a different world (very fantasy like), the way how this different world operates is like how the normal world is, you have the population, the default hierarchy and (wait for it) people to guard the world. now the people who guard the world work like a military force, you have the normal soldiers, the side captains and the captains, anyway when the guards discovered the main character (big surprise, a battle scene shows up), now you would expect that a person from the human world can never go up against a person from a totally different world, nope, as the story demands, the character mows down the guards like they were nothing (ok even though the main character has been trained by a professional, number of guards should’ve at least slowed him down), apparently, its an unwritten rule that any person who doesn’t have a name is worthless and can be defeated immediately and that the only reason why the person added them their in the first is to: #1 show off the characters powers #2 they’re added as place fillers (because not giving them names or even giving them a backstory is so much easier) .


anyway, with that out of my system, I can go back studying and doing whatever I do


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