I have a youtube addiction problem

one of the perks of being a university student is that you get to choose you the courses and when to attend them (not always the case) but also, with each passing year, the study pressure increases dramatically and things become more difficult, combine the fact that I get easily distracted and I have a major problem, now that I am a junior, I have to step up my act and prevent myself from going to youtube (seriously, it starts with one video then next thing you know, I am watching an hour video when I should be studying). its not going to be easy but it must be done or else I’ll pay the price.


this isn’t only for me, people who have this kind of addiction should learn to stop themselves now because you could be watching a video when you must be doing something even more important



  1. I’m trying hard to break my addiction. I’ll start have with Markiplier, then go to randoms…then end up down the cute cat videos lane. Then to the extremely weird part of Youtube in four hours that felt like just 4 minutes.

    But I think I’m getting somewhere with breaking that addiction…>.> I think.

    1. that is sooo weird, I have the same patterns too!! I start with a simple how to video and the next thing you know, I am watching a hacked version of an old nintendo (or playstation) game >_< but I am slowly conquering this addiction by restricting myself from going to youtube and to solely focus on watching only one video -w-

  2. If things get really out of hand, I found website blockers to be quite useful. I’ve got one that allows me to either block the internet as a whole so I can concentrate on whatever I have to do, or just block out certain websites (social media, youtube… whatever you want). While it certainly is better to practice discipline, it can be a good emergency-stop to just block out the biggest distractions for a few hours (just needs discipline for 1 click!) if you find yourself unable to stop procrastinating…

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