Artist’s check-up thing

[[[WARNING!!!!!! READING AHEAD!!!!!!]]]]]]

*opens door*

helloooooo welcome OwO please do come in, *closes door*, you must be tired from all the website-visiting, let me get you something to drink, while I am at it, make yourself comfortable -w-,  *hands over ink in a cup*. hurry up and drink it before it hardens >w<.

anyway last week was pretty intense, I had lots of quizzes and tests (and lots more to come -_-…) but at least now I can somewhat relax before the next wave of tests kicks in, over than that, the week’s been pretty eh, oh and I found a program called “poser” (which I downloaded, while we’re in that topic, is downloading a really old version of a current going program still considered piracy? I mean, the old version isn’t being sold anymore and the company making it is focused on making news and profiting from the current program). as for what is poser, in a nutshell, its a program which makes 3d animation but can also be used as a program for posing (you’ll have a rough time learning how to use it but when you do understand the basics of the program, it’ll benefit you greatly. and this is the part where I am really confused as to whether to uninstall it or keep because:


I can’t think of any reasons at the moment but anyway, how are things going with you? -w-


8 thoughts on “Artist’s check-up thing

  1. Hi there! GA here, long time no see! Shame Animepaper went down the way it did….
    Anyway, I still had your blog bookmarked so I decided to pay you a visit again! Looks like you’ve learned a lot and improved greatly on your drawing skills.
    Poser is a really nice program, whether you use it to actually create renders/animation, or just use it as reference for your drawings. If you’re worried about piracy (which, yes it is), you could also try out DAZ Studio. It’s very similar to Poser and I believe they use the same kind of models, which means everything should be interchangable. Only DAZ Studio is free!

    Take care,

    1. (WOAH!!! talk about a blast from the past)
      you bookmarked my blog, THANKS OWO
      its truly a shame that they shut down AP (which means I have go on a journey to find all AP members >_<) but I am sure they have their reasons
      did I really improve? OwO anyway, thanks for telling me that what I did was wrong, I'll try out DAZ on my free time.
      (medal rewarded: found a former AP member)
      so how are things going with you?

      1. =)
        I’m doing great, still really happy and busy with my new(-ish) job, which involves making all sorts of videos, games, 3D renders and animations. Hence you peeked my interest with mentioning Poser.
        I don’t blame you for finding a downloadable version by the way; it’s often the only viable way for students to get their hands on software like that. Luckily there’s more and more companies like DAZ and Autodesk who understand that it’s best to just offer their software for free (for non-profit purposes) to prevent piracy and give proper support to all users.

        I don’t know what happened to all those AP members; I still have a couple of them on Twitter and know a few are now active on Deviantart or maybe Minitokyo. But sadly I think most of them have simply moved on by now. A lot of us were teenagers when we joined AP and at that age, you’re just exploring all sorts of things in order to figure out what you like in life. After a while, all that gets distilled into a much narrower scope that will define you for the rest of your life. I feel that for many people, anime has been that sort of experimental thing that eventually gets discarded as they mature. Admittedly that has also somewhat been the case for me, although I can still enjoy a good anime series from time to time and of course the art is still fantastic.
        It always makes me smile when I see a wallpaper by Deto, Tatekane, Jade, Kalico or Vitaa pop up somewhere on a random website. It’s great to have that sort of legacy.


        By the way, thanks for the Google+ add, but I’m not really on Google so you won’t be able to contact me in that way.

      2. (I think isteb is still into anime, though having a hard time finding him >_<)

        oh!!! you're in the animation business!! do show your work -w- is daz one of those heavy, high pc resource using programs?

        its true that at some point you lose interest in anime (I am gald you're still into anime, may I suggest comics?) but some people (like me) become more interested, not because of it contents (ok maybe because of its contents) but its art and how much dedication was put into it. -w-

        I have not yet seen a wallpaper made in AP in other sites….yet -w-

      3. Well I’m not really in the animation business per se. I work for a University and all my stuff is used for research. Because of that, I sadly can’t really share anything of it, unless the research is published.
        Tbh I don’t know much about DAZ, I’ve only checked it out briefly to see if it’s something I can use, but since I work with the much more advanced Autodesk 3D packages anyway, it’s not what I personally need. It’s a neat program though.

        Of course, people like you and me who I guess aspire a more creative path in life are more likely to stick with anime, comics, etc. If not for enjoyment, then at least for inspiration or reference. For some reason I’ve never been much into comics or manga, by the way. We don’t really have that kind of culture here.

        OH! I know it’s probably a bit difficult for you to back Kickstarter projects (either because of payment or ludicrous shipping costs, but be sure to check this one:
        If you can’t manage to buy it, the page at least provides a big list of artist portfolios. Highly inspirational!

        Do you have any favorite artists, or good sources for inspiration?

      4. I already tried out daz studio and I am liking it a lot OWO

        I checked out the video and I think I learn from it a lot

        I have a lot of favorite artists, to me, the ones that I admired the most are mark crilley and kubo tite, I get my inspiration from anything -w-

        are there any other ways to contact you other than google?

      5. Hmm ever since Microsoft merged MSN with Skype I’m not really using any of those things anymore, so it can be kinda hard to contact me. I’m on Twitter of course, but with 140 characters at a time it’s a bit difficult to talk.

        I’ll just keep coming here every now and then 😀
        I do also want to get my own blog up some time in the future, so then we can at least comment on each others stuff.

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