what rubs my erasers

(I don’t know what the title means, attempting to copy what the ranting sweed says in “sheep in the big city”)

you know what rubs my erasers, HOW TO DRAW BOOKS, they starts off simple enough and tells you everything you need to know about drawing but then the next thing you know it suddenly becomes a medical book with names you only here in the lord of the rings, I am not here to become a doctor, I am here to become an artist, I don’t care with the name of the small bone that connects the arm with the shoulder nor do I want to know the names of the muscles too, I JUST WANT TO DRAW,

so you rage close the book and go look for a modern book and when you find one, you are glad that the person isn’t a medical doctor but AN ACTUAL ARTIST, he(or she) tells you where goes to what and how without the medical knowhow, just when you thought “wow this guy is truly great”, he throws a curveball and makes up the term soft and rough with no EXPLANATION OF WHAT THEY MEAN!!, all he(or she) does is show an amazingly drawn picture of a babe and say “woman are drawn with soft figures”…………………………………………I am sorry what, so you expect me to somehow develop the ability to somehow materialize the drawing and see IF IT IS FREAKING SOFT OR NOT!!!!!, THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE, THIS BOOK IS “SUPPOSED” TO TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW NOT FREAKIN’ DEVELOP POWERS (although that would be awesome -w-),

ok I understand that the man (or woman) is telling us the yes and noes of drawing but there are PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW DIDDLY ABOUT DRAWING, by saying terms like “drawing the figure with soft curves” and such doesn’t really help much, if you just started drawing, your eyes still haven’t been rewired to pay attention to details, you need to clarify what do you men by soft curve or rough  stature or delicate body or even a lithe figure, if you can’t explain it, don’t put in the book, ok I know that they’re trying to help people to learn how to draw and to simplify it but at least provide a simple sentence, just a sentence to clarify what you just said, if you said “this body is very delicate, so draw thin lines” then explain as to why this body is delicate or else the person will deduce a different meaning other than the message that you have intended to send.

anyway, audible and physical words tend to have a different meaning when it comes to drawing, when we say loud, we know it means something with a high sound volume but how can you translate that to terms of drawing as it can have different meanings, when we say “wow this is drawing is really loud”, how can you translate this? the drawing’s sound is set to high? that doesn’t make a lick of sense, you hearing what I am saying? if you are then you need a doctor because THERE IS NO SOUND!!, this has been in my head for quite a while and hopefully I’ll have something to present on my next “rising artist’s note blog thing”.

anyway, have a nice day -w-



  1. I understand how frustrating how art books can be.

    Most how to draw books on certain subjects like manga, fantasy illustration, how to draw horses, etc. are only useful if the artist has already studied and practiced the core foundations of drawing (value, seeing objects as 3d forms not lines, foreshortening, color, sighting, etc).

    Most how to draw books just skim though these important subjects with abandon or not at all. Copying the drawings in the book or following the ‘recipes’ will get a artist only so far. The truth is the once you are able to break the subject down to it’s simplest 3d forms and build up, you can draw anything. It takes a long time to learn this.

    Many how to books are baddy written (they are artists, after all, writing is a left brain thing) and try to cash in on a popular trend. taking a Drawing 1 class at school or college would be the best way to go.

    As for anatomy, the more you know it, the better you will draw it. Its not important to know the names of each part of the body, its more important to remember the 3d forms it makes. However connecting a form with a name will help you memorize it much better.

    It IS important to understand how the bones interact with the muscles because it’s the skeleton that gives a creature,person,etc it’s shape, not the muscles.

    Do not discard the critiques of non artists, they see things very accurately, and although they might not be able to tell you how to fix it or use the correct art lingo to describe the issue, but they can point you to what needs to be fixed.

    some study recommendations.
    ctrlpaint.com is a good free resource. His premium tutorials are fantastic as well as cheap.
    Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards. is a fantastic book as well.
    Also check out Andrew Loomis’ art books
    Peter Han’s Dynamic Sketching workshop taught me how to sketch correctly. It’s only 35$

    1. I believe the only time how to draw books are useful is when they are used as references,

      I do agree the understanding the skeletons and muscles in the human body can help produce more realistic results (my room is covered with skeletal anatomy and muscle anatomy of the human body),

      I never meant to discard any critique (actually, critique is what helps me develop to a better artist -w-), its just that, at that time, I was thinking about a theory of what makes a soft drawing soft and a rough drawing rough and I was at the university (in the middle of a very intense week, during one of my free times), if I didn’t write it, I would most certainly forget it,

      I thank you very much for your response (I love andrew and hamm how to draw books, they really know what they’re talking about OWO)

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