a month of revelations


you know, as we progress in our chosen field of art (like drawing, singing, dancing or writing), we learn new things, shift the way we think to accommodate our art and see things differently but not all change is good, at some point we start to lose sight of what we wanted to do in the first place, we start to go off of the course we have originally planned on, which is why I urge people to to note their progress, development and the like on anything (from notebooks to pc), this can help you by acting as a beacon to tell you if you have deviated from your original plan, and to choose a month in which you look back at all of your achievements (and failures) and see if you are truly progressing or not (my chosen month is december).

anyway, that’s all I have to say, how are you guys doing? -w-



  1. That’s a good advice you give people… keeping notes of one’s progress is a good thing for so many reasons. It is easy to get lost in daily work and tedious studies, slowly forgetting what to focus on.. so it’s a good thing to look back now and then and re-evaluate now and then.

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