End of the year resolution


welcome and hello to all -w-

“interesting”, that’s the first thing I said at the beginning of the year 2013, that’s what I said at the beginning of the semester, that’s what I said when I started my summer job. “interesting” is one of my favorite words and I say it because I know that what will happen in the future will both have its ups and downs and drawing is no exception.

this year to me, has proven to be the most fruitful year in terms of drawing because in this year, I have progressed in drawing, the story I am writing (which is found at https://phoenolf.wordpress.com/about/) and the way I think as an artist, this matters to me the most because the last couple of years, I have progressed but not as much as I have progressed this year. the best example I can think of is like when you play minecraft, the moment you start the game (especially in hardcore) you’re in a frenzy, collecting wood, finding shelter, making wheat and other survival essentials….but then you reach a point where you are officially sustainable, you have plenty of food, resources and such, you are surviving but not actually living on the edge (although that would be literal if you were “living on the edge” in the game >w<), thats how I was in terms of drawing.

but then………you have a breakthrough of an idea, in other terms, you found a jackpot of iron and redstone and from there everything changes……how you play and how you search, everything…..and thats how I was in drawing this year, when I first started drawing, I planned for the story to be a manga but then a couple of years after I started drawing I decided it to be a comic and thats when this year…..it did it again…..it morphed….evolved….becoming something far more greater then it was before…much more different, this was the year that I finally decided for the story to be a majelah (arabic version of a comic) and from there everything changed, from the storyline to the way I originally planned to draw the comic.

I certainly most intrigued by how things changed so fast…and now…as we come to the final 24 hours of 2013, I salute it and will welcome 2014 with open arms, as by the time I reach 2015, january 25, the story will be done and prepped for drawing,

for I am most certain, that 2014 will be an “INTERESTING” year



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