Hello everyone, today’s my birthday

ummm…I don’t wanna make this a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy long post about me blabbering some jubberish about my birthday, so I am gonna keep this nice and short.

I wish I posted this earlier to see how many people would actually comment but nah who cares, anyway, with the convention that happened yesterday ( http://roosterteeth.com/members/links.php?uid=1596790 ), I pretty much consider it my birthday gift but the best present was what my sisters did early in the morning which was this




anyway that’s pretty much it, with the university starting tomorrow I am gonna do what I do best before going to sleep, draw….-w-


a summary of rpg games

a typical day in the world of disgaea

a typical day in the world of disgaea


hello everyone from the realm of the web world wide, I have been addicted to disgaea lately (along with minecraft) and can’t stop myself playing (until the release of the new disgaea 4 on the vita, oh I am playing disgaea on the vita) the gosh darn game, my favorite part from the disgaea series is the third one, what makes this game soooooo addictive is the sheeeeer amount of things you can do, I don’t wanna spoil things but lets say that you can level up what levels up the characters and level up the weapons OwO

Rising artist’s note blog thing #13








there much better -w-

anyway, its been a while since I posted something here, I don’t get it as to how people post something here on a weekly basis or even a daily basis (it takes me a very long time to think of something to talk about and by the time I do, its been a week already >_<). but enough about the silly jibberjabber  and lets to the part as to how I spent my month OwO 

I started watching garfeld and friends (more like just garfeld since the moment the parts thats not garfeld I just skip it, unfortunately I had to download this because apparently, the entire series is no longer for sale on both digital an actual stores but if I did actually find it, I’ll delete the ones I downloaded) and while watching garfeld, I noticed a lot of things I failed to notice as a child: garfeld is a troll to everything, odie is actually smarter than he looks, jon is a cartoonist, nermal is a dude (I thought he was a she before), binky the clown is more annoying than before, everything in that show was hand-drawn without using any tools (like a ruler for example).

Still addicted to minecraft although I play on hardcore (because thats how it should be played)

the finals have left me mentally scarred for life (since I spent the entire duration of the finals in my room and only my room)

and I drew like a crazy man with nothing to lose

2014-01-21 18.28.05 2014-01-21 18.28.17 2014-01-21 18.28.31 2014-01-21 18.28.45 2014-01-21 18.28.55 2014-01-21 18.29.09 2014-01-21 18.29.20 2014-01-21 18.29.32 2014-01-21 18.29.47 2014-01-21 18.30.08aren’t they just the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen?

I just realized that the story and the project itself is much much much much much more difficult than I originally assumed (even though I knew that the project itself is going to need a lot of attention >_<)

anyway other than that, that’s all of the events that I can recall so far, see ya next time, I am off to watch the trol..I mean garfeld OWO