random model drawing


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a look to the future and a revelation from the past

I forgot to mention this but yesterday, me and my cousin went to his apartment which is very close to the university he goes to (different from mine), what we were is that me, my cousin and his friends would get together and play super smash bros brawl, now this is the first time we have done (which is playing against other people other than our cousins or relatives), it was the most fun ever and I suggested to him that we could expand this to a tournament and maybe with enough time make a trophy and give it to the winner of the tournament (idea inspired from achievement hunter’s minecraft lets plays), we are gonna do this every week and I have a feeling this is gonna get interesting OWO

anyway, on another note, to shift to another note, I was having dinner and the tv was on, I checked what was recorded from the receiver and what I found what something incredibly amazing…..I found taz-mania cartoon recorded (where taz starred in his own show), I was in awe for sooooooo many reasons, this was my childhood show as so many before (garfield, pink panther and the many), so it got me thinking, these guys like 10+ years ago, didn’t have the technology we have today, it wasn’t high def, it wasn’t digital but regardless, it was amazing, I started to compare this with current cartoons, I was sad because the old cartoons had soooo much talent and charisma and such and it shows that despite its quality and yet somehow, the current cartoons lacks the talent even though it has the high def quality to it.

am I the only one who is slightly disappointed by how the current cartoons are?

now if you’ll excuse me, I go to sleep

do you read old comic/manga?

when I say old, I mean like elvira, femforce, good girl art and torchy. I like to read (or to be honest download them and read them then order them online from amazon or whatever the equivalent) these old comics/manga not only for its artistic merit (ok, mainly its artistic merit) but somehow it seemed…..ummmm….what’s that word that means historically valuable and precious? anyway I like old comics/manga, period