I have caved in

My steam account name: phoenolf
My league of legends name: phoenolf (in the nordic east server, will try to move to west to my cousins)
My elsword name: phoenolf

please don’t judge me, for I am weak -____-…..


should I go for this?

so I like to draw things traditionally, and I have been thinking of doing traditional animation but if I were to draw a 20fps (frames per second) 40 second animation, then I would need to individually draw 800 pages just to make that, I don’t mind that but in order to do that, I need to use a tracing paper, the good thing is that I know where to buy tracing paper on the cheap and durable but its only 30 pages and in order to do a 40 second animation, I need nearly 29 tracing paper notebooks >_<

does this happen to you?


lets say that you have a favorite song in your ipod and by some unfortunate accident, the songs disappear and can’t be recovered again, one of those songs is your favorite and you can’t remember the name of the song, even if you searched youtube and everywhere else online. do you just forget about the song or actively search the forums?

anyway, this scenario happened to me, the songs that I had in my ipod touch (which unfortunately were pirated……I was 15, I didn’t know any better) disappeared and I had no way of recovering them, one of those songs however had an unusual name and I couldn’t find it online nor on youtube, anyway, just in case if you were wondering what’s the song name is: name: sigh remix, artist: ui-70 (not sure about this)
anyway, the song originated from a game called touhou

if you by any chance, know the name of the song, please do tell

thank you and how’s everyone doing? -w-

I am now announcing project “majelah” to the network


I have been working on this project for such a long time and after listening to a podcast (http://roosterteeth.com/podcast/episode.php?id=110), it made me really worried as to if somebody has already made something I have been working on, so I am gonna announce this on both my wordpress and roosterteeth accounts and fill the tag bar with as many things I can think of, so here it goes:

Project “majelah”, codename: MyのLife

setting: in a fictional island, south west of nagoya, in the year 2009.

the story: two half-breed teen-aged aliens on earth, living on the fictional island near nagoya “oogawaka”, try to go through the day as they face many problems while trying to hide their alien identity

the development of the project will be finished at january 25th 2015, drawing the majelah will start a month after that

I am terribly sorry for not responding to anyone (or anything), I just had one of those hectic weeks (with the midterms and exams and such) but anyway, I played megaman battle network 3 blue on an emulator (since I already physically own the game, its not considered stealing, right?), anyway, legality aside, I reached to the second boss of the game and being the super duper smart man I am, I told one of my cousins (via whatsapp) to give me a challenge for the boss. anyway long story short, I now hate one of my cousins and understand 0.000000000000000000000000000001% what the dudes of achievement hunter have to go through when playing a HORSE map.

anyway this is the video of me fighting the boss under these conditions:
-don’t use any battle chips throughout the entire battle.
-don’t use any program throughout the entire battle.



enjoy -w-