I am terribly sorry for not responding to anyone (or anything), I just had one of those hectic weeks (with the midterms and exams and such) but anyway, I played megaman battle network 3 blue on an emulator (since I already physically own the game, its not considered stealing, right?), anyway, legality aside, I reached to the second boss of the game and being the super duper smart man I am, I told one of my cousins (via whatsapp) to give me a challenge for the boss. anyway long story short, I now hate one of my cousins and understand 0.000000000000000000000000000001% what the dudes of achievement hunter have to go through when playing a HORSE map.

anyway this is the video of me fighting the boss under these conditions:
-don’t use any battle chips throughout the entire battle.
-don’t use any program throughout the entire battle.



enjoy -w-


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