does this happen to you?


lets say that you have a favorite song in your ipod and by some unfortunate accident, the songs disappear and can’t be recovered again, one of those songs is your favorite and you can’t remember the name of the song, even if you searched youtube and everywhere else online. do you just forget about the song or actively search the forums?

anyway, this scenario happened to me, the songs that I had in my ipod touch (which unfortunately were pirated……I was 15, I didn’t know any better) disappeared and I had no way of recovering them, one of those songs however had an unusual name and I couldn’t find it online nor on youtube, anyway, just in case if you were wondering what’s the song name is: name: sigh remix, artist: ui-70 (not sure about this)
anyway, the song originated from a game called touhou

if you by any chance, know the name of the song, please do tell

thank you and how’s everyone doing? -w-


4 thoughts on “does this happen to you?

  1. Not knowing the title of your favorite song may sound odd, but it happens to me too. I have a lot of Japanese songs on my iPod (due to my love of anime) and due to the language barrier I often forget the song titles.

    Sorry that I cannot help with your music search. Perhaps try searching for Touhou soundtrack playlists on Youtube. If you type “touhou remix, artist: ui-70” on Google you also get a few promising hits.

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