I am gonna be blunt so bare with me


nintendo isn’t usually associated with horror (other than zombieU but that’s just one game so it doesn’t count), but it does have this thing where it gets lucky and makes very creepy things in the most innocent of things (pokemon, super smash bros, mario, ZELDA!!!),

straight to the point, I found majora’s mask to be one of nintendo’s creepiest games to play (as a child and as an adult), as a child, you are scared of the monsters, as an adult, you start to realize the environment around you, the music the game plays, the story it offers….but what made majora’s mask to be frightening to me was the secrets it had…..it had creepy secrets, small little secrets you wouldn’t notice…but when you do notice it….you can’t unsee it, it’ll be there when you play it again and again and again and again. what I am talking about is the concept of time in the game (not the general term, that’s for the people of rooster teeth to talk about in their podcasts),

you see, the special mechanic in majora’s mask is that you have three days to stop the moon from falling onto this small little town called “clocktown”, now, as impossible as it may seem, it can be done, by using a tool called ocarina of time. as you reach the third day, you can use the ocarina to go back in time to the first day and continue on (some of the things you collect will disappear), as you try to stop the moon, you have these sidequests (as its a must in a zelda game) and some range from “HAHAHAH THAT”S FUNNY” to….”HOLY CRAP!!! AM I STILL PLAYING ZELDA?!!!”. this is the part that I have noticed, let’s say at the first day, you stumble upon a person who is very ill, the person tells you in order to save him, you have to do balh blah blah blah balf, and this task will take up all of your three days but you don’t care because you want the special item he gives you, as you spend your time and effort saving this person, you learn about his story (and its not a happy one). and you become more eager to help this guy, you finally get the potion to heal this but there’s one problem….you are on the third day, you save the guy at the expense of your time to stop the moon but wait….you can stop time. so you gleefully give the potion to the guy, the guy feels better, you and guy are happy, you both dance and its time for you to go back to the first day.

you go back to the first with a smile on your face, you walk through the town (with a smile on your face) and you do the necessary things to stop the moon from falling (have you guessed it now?), on the second day, you walk through the town again (because you have to find a specific item to get into the temple)…..but you stop at your tracks to find a person standing on a grave, you talk to the person standing on the grave (is it clear now?), the person tells you that this grave belongs to the (if you have guessed it, then you are correct) sick person you have saved before…………..this is what basically happens, you try to stop the moon from falling but there are people who are in trouble and could be killed….but here’s the catch, you can’t save everyone in three days (sounds like  a horror story but its true), you can spend your three days helping a dying man but you can’t help save a man’s life, so you’ll be spending the rest of the game saving one person but you will watch another suffer……

that my friend……. is the most terrifying aspect of majora’s mask, there’s no game that does this (unless there is, then please do tell)