I suggest you should start leveling up


first off, I am incredibly annoyed by how much I procrastinate stuff like I should have uploaded lots of stuff but no, I just watch youtube videos instead, I should procrastinate youtube videos not actual stuff.

anyway, it’s no big news that the internet is growing at an alarming rate, things are obsolete by the time they come out. the internet is becoming a large place that has too much information (of which a lot of them are questionable) and people online are having trouble finding what they want. you could easily lose track of what you were looking for in the first place and probably off watching some random video. so in order to be able to search for the things you want online and help you find things more easily, I will share upon you some things I have learned during my online seasons.


this will not be easy as this will require you to have something called “intellectual patience”, meaning that you have the patience to read the information in front of  you without skipping sentences (which is something I sorta lack), in order to build that patience, instead of just jumping site to site, trying to find what you are looking for, take the time to read the page you are at (because possibilities are that it could talk about what you are looking for). the reason why I am urging you to have this patience is because people online are starting to lose patience (I believe due to the fact that people are getting used to the pages loading fast and finding what they need quickly), this could effect a person who wants to (let’s say) make a blog about a certain type of plant but the fact that the person can’t find the information quick enough, they abandon the idea of making the blog. so please, dear people of the internet, have the patience to read.


anyway, now to the main part which is a couple of ways to increase your efficiency on how to search things online:

1# have a starting point,

this is a major thing as this will serve as a beacon in case if you ever get lost in the sea of information or got side-tracked by those pesky social sites, a starting point doesn’t have to be major though, you just have to make sure that it relates to what you are looking for, let’s say I am looking for a game called “skyroads” ( I am intentionally not adding a link so that you can exercise your researching skills) but I am not sure where to start (which is a major issue to a lot of people), what you need to do is simple, try to remember some of the features of the game and make it your starting point (let’s say that you remembered the game being set in space and you were jumping over platforms, that sentence alone is enough for a starting point).

tip: anything can be a starting point, it can be a song or a video or even a picture but just as long as you have something to refer to when you get side-tracked or unsure what to do next.

2# a needle in the haystack,

meaning that just because you typed in “game that is set in space and you jump over platforms” doesn’t mean you will get what you want immediately, you need to visit sites to find a clue to help you remember more of the game (it’s pretty much a puzzle game if you think about it, you just need that one word and what you need will appear quickly, also some of the sites you will visit can be very shady so be careful) or whatever you are looking for, going back to the “skyroads” example, now that I have a starting point, I go to different sites, read whatever contents the site provides (at some point, you will gain the ability to tell whether what you are reading has a connection to what you are looking for or not, something that will come over time) and be sure to “read” not skim over the sentences (because it won’t be on the top of the page saying “HEY HEY I AM OVER HERERERERERERERERERER!!!!”) because reading three paragraphs from one site could save you from reading one paragraph from 15 different sites.


that’s all I have to provide you with the neccessary skillz to get more efficient on looking stuph online, now if you’ll excuse mah. I am off to slep.



  1. The internet is wonderful thing, but it certainly has eroded people’s intellectual patience. People’s reluctance to read substantial pieces is why services like Twitter have prospered.

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