Rising artist’s note blog thing #15


I spent my two weeks of vacation in turkey, I might write something about it (here’s a spoiler, it’s like playing assassin’s creed revelations)

anyway, on with the blog

three months…..three months till the end of the year (that’s like 2000 and something hours)…..to me, it feels closer than that, ever since I did the change from comic to majelah I have more committed to this, I REALLY want this to work, I am removing the unnecessary habits I have to free up time to work on this, the more I work on the story, the more I realize how complex it is and how complex it is becoming.

there are many aspects of the story I have to work on ranging from the made-up languages to the story and characters itself, even though I am slowly working on all of them and I highly doubt that I can completely finish writing the story before three months, I can say with ease that there’s enough material to present and enough time at the same time to write and complete the story.

I don’t have much to say about this because I am worried that I might give something about the story away, so sorry about keeping you in the dark but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end

thank you


is sonic the hedgehog a slowpoke?



this is basically a theory, so don’t go crazy when you see something you don’t like >_<


sonic boasts 24/7 that he’s the fastest being in the world but in all of his games he runs at speeds that is close to an F1 car but nothing near the speeds he claims to be able to achieve, lots of gamers go crazy because sonic always says that he can achieve sonic speeds but can sonic actually achieve super sonic speeds?

I used to rage when I see modern sonic games and see that sonic doesn’t go the promised “super sonic” speed but I started to think of why sonic isn’t going the speeds that a fighter jet typically goes.

these are my theories of why sonic isn’t as fast as he claims to be:

1# nobody likes a short sonic game

it’s enough that the current speed of sonic is fast enough to finish a level in less than 5 minutes (if you watches some of the sonic game speed run, people finish the levels in less than 2 minutes), so imagine if sonic ran near the speed of sound, then you would finish levels in 15 seconds.

2# the superman syndrome

if you are an avid superman fan, then you would have enough knowledge that superman is more stronger than he looks but the only time he uses the strength is when he really needs to, the same can be applied to sonic, what would happen if sonic reached super sonic speeds? if you watched videos of objects reaching super sonic speeds, you would notice that it drags a lot of things behind it, generates a loud-deafening sound, imagine if sonic did that on a constant basis, so sonic doesn’t go full speed unless he really needs to.

3# motion sickness for everyone

do you read the health precautions whenever you buy a game? playing a sonic game where sonic goes full speed guarantees nausea, headaches and possible chances of vomiting ( and the last thing you want is a game that everyone avoids)


one of the many uses of mathematics

night classes + mathematics + annoying students = headache

the derivative of the headache is a migraine

the laplace tranform inverse of the migraine is a cyst

the integral of a night class + annoying students is classes*grades +annoying

your new equation will be migraine^cyst/mathematics +classes* grades +annoying = what the hell