Rising artist’s note blog thing #15


I spent my two weeks of vacation in turkey, I might write something about it (here’s a spoiler, it’s like playing assassin’s creed revelations)

anyway, on with the blog

three months…..three months till the end of the year (that’s like 2000 and something hours)…..to me, it feels closer than that, ever since I did the change from comic to majelah I have more committed to this, I REALLY want this to work, I am removing the unnecessary habits I have to free up time to work on this, the more I work on the story, the more I realize how complex it is and how complex it is becoming.

there are many aspects of the story I have to work on ranging from the made-up languages to the story and characters itself, even though I am slowly working on all of them and I highly doubt that I can completely finish writing the story before three months, I can say with ease that there’s enough material to present and enough time at the same time to write and complete the story.

I don’t have much to say about this because I am worried that I might give something about the story away, so sorry about keeping you in the dark but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end

thank you


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