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wake me up when september ends


Hello and I am back from my little trip


just a quick thing I wanna say, I am kinda jealous of how crazy hentai and ecchi stories can get, mainly because they’re not being held back by the silly laws of viewer discretion.

anyway, with that said, on with the blog

I was at riyadh for a couple of days of which I spent at my cousin’s house, we had lots of fun, we stayed up, watched movies, played the demo of super smash bros (the new one) on the 3ds, watched my cousins play yugioh (both solo and tag team…..HARDCORE STUFFF)…but the highlight was a game called dark souls 2, apparently this game is a synonym to the ultimate rage game, since I have watched countless youtubers play this game and rage like crazy, so, in order to debunk this myth of being the most rage inducing game ever, I decided to play it (first off, I would like to mention that I have an un-broken record of creating female characters rather than male character because females rock).

the following statements were the most common things I have said during me playing the game (for those who have played the game before, I bet you’ll get a kick out of this, I can’t remember the names of the place but I am sure you’ll figure it out based on what I have said):

1- at the beginning of the game “does this game have the break the pot and get stuff logic?”

2- at the beginning of the game “ok, all I have to do is just jump across this hole”(forgets to read the sign explaining that the character doesn’t automatically jump)

3- at the beginning of the game “whoa!! is that a coffin over there?!! but there’s a thingy guarding it, alright, all I have to do is OH MY GOD THERE”S TWO OF THEM!!!!)

4- at mujalo (whatever you call it) “where the blacksmith?! WHERE”S THE BLACKSMITH?!!!” (something  a youtuber named markiplier says in some of his videos)

5- checking out the herald “hey herald, I might sound like a dude and my face is all hollowed but I am actually a girl, so how about if I “leveled” you up”

6- at heidi’s whatever gate of douchness “oooooooooooooooooh so this place is the second level? then how come the road for it is soooooo freakin obvious than the first one?!!!”

7- using a bow at heidi’s “hey knights, looks like your fellow brethren used to be a knight until” fires an arrow at a nearby knight “he got an arrow to the knee nyuk nyuk nyuk”

8- after a long fight with ONE knight at heidi’s house of douche “man, that was a long fiIIAAAAAAAAA” now chased by more knights”

9- enters a mysterious mist “I am tired, I just wanna level up and…..” accidentally goes up against dragon rider

what you have read above if you are a first time player of dark souls 2 is possibly what you too would be saying as well,

my verdict: best immersive game ever played, it gives you total control of the player and the stakes become higher as you go on, the enemies are relentless and challenging (but with a good strategy, any class could  defeat any enemy)

my build: kickass swordswoman

…..oh and one most important thing


have fun

dwelling into the copyrights hole


it’s funny how I asked life to give me something interesting to write about.

I had a choice of writing about horror games or talk about megaman battle network 3

but then life gave me this

it started with me looking up laws of downloading japanese music online, I got the obvious answer “it’s illegal’ but then things spirals down from there…..I looked copyright laws for comics, manga old media and even read something called the ‘benre convention or whatever its called’. after reading lots of things related to copyright stuff.

this got me really worried (I am glad I am researching this now) because:

– what I am making doesn’t fall into the manga nor comic category because it’s a new type of illustrated art

– most of the jokes in the majelah refer to a lot of comics and manga and even manhwa

– the majelah will be a non-profit thing which means I will not gain any money from this but I know from experience that life will do something that will force me (whether it’s fortunate nor unfortunate) to make into a low-profit thing

– maybe in the future like 10 years from now when I done and finished with the story, some jerk will spawn and be like “hey, your majelah has something in my comic so-so years ago, I’ll sue you”, which will be a major pain in my calligraphy ink

– I live in a country where countless of people download lots of illegal songs, series and even movies, how come they’re not hunted down

and much more questions, I am researching this now because I am very committed to this and I have spent 6-7 years of my life drawing and making the story, it would be a shame that it is all for naught just because I failed to follow one simple law. I am well aware of the path I am taking (which is not filled with soft pastel and inks but rather filled with expired inks and horrible smelling white-out) isn’t easy and I’ll probably be facing lots of major companies and talking to lots of people but I am welling to do it because I know it will be worth it in the end (I just mentioned a linkin park song, is that a copyright infringement?).

so please, does anyone have the slightest idea of what I am gonna face and should I be doing at the current moment?

I thank you deeply in the bottom of my pastel-lead-ink-filled heart for you assistance

My theory about horror games + plus annoying anime moments


and so…another semester of intense studying and such have officially begun, I wonder what will come out of this semester

—–         —–


I have small theory I would like to share with you all, when you play a scary game regardless of its type, there’s a point to the scary game where it doesn’t become scary anymore, right? you have adjusted to its patterns and such. well my theory is that every single scary game made has something called the “half life”, it’s the amount of time it takes for a scary to not become scary anymore. a lot of things can effect its half life, ranging from the length of the game to its content.

that’s all I have sooooooo

also, we all love watching anime and crap, right? (well not crap but you get my point) there some moments that dries up my ink, for example, two characters stand like miles and miles apart to the point where you need a binocular to see each other and yet somehow, they have a normal conversation, ok , I know that they wanna make it cool and stuff but at least make it somewhat real, you ruin the immersion and the feeling you are trying to portray. I am not an anime expert nor have I ever been part of an animation production but at I do know some things that can have a better effect. so instead of making them stand very far apart from each other, make them close to each other (hearing distance that is) and do a close up on one of the characters then fade to the other character. I honestly don’t know why they persist on doing so (maybe to decrease cost production but oh well) but why do they care they just make the animation so I can’t blame them……..and don’t get me started on the battle conversations they oh so very much love >_<

…….and don’t think you’re off the hook comics, nearly all of your characters have the same facial features both guys and girls (except for chaos comics, they rock) >_<

bye bye -w-

my trip in turkey


I spent my two weeks of vacation at turkey, here’s what I think and opinion of turkey


first off, turkey is such a beautiful and marvelous place, with lovely scenery, history and stuff but that’s not what got me hooked to the place.

it started a couple of days after arriving at turkey, we (me and my family) reserved a place at a hotel in the middle of turkey (everything from cheap to expensive stuff was there), after staying at the hotel for a bit, we left to check out some of the national landmarks and stuff (which involved lots of shady taxi drivers and walking), I wasn’t that into turkey (if you compared me to my family, you would be surprised), I liked it a lot because it offered sooooooooooooooooooooo much ideas I could for the majelah, but then at some point, we reach a large park but the park looked verrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy similar, like I was here but not here. I realized that I killed a templar in assassin’s creed revelations(I got the special edtions one, epic I must say) in the very spot I am on (a phrase I don’t say often), that got me very much interested as to what else in turkey is like the game (although it should be reversed but eh, I am a gamer)….until I heard we are going to the grand bazaar, now if you played assassin’s creed like crazy and memorized the map, you would realized that the grand bazaar is a good place to go templar killing, when we reached the grand bazaar (after a lot of walking and asking for directions), it was mystical, its somehow like the game (expect more people and shops and smells and annoying and more beggars which is a major thing in turkey not only in the game), I was looking around and I am not kidding, I found spots where I assassinated different templars and where the haystack should be (sadly, there are no haystacks in turkey >_<). as the rest of the vacation went on, I found more spots that were similar to the game, I even told my sisters about it (you know, I had to).

I know ubisoft people to listen or read what their fans say (not even a lonely blogger like me >_<), but dang ubisoft, you got a lot of things in turkey correct to the point where if you took a picture of a certain area in turkey (modern day) and display it next to images of the game, I wouldn’t know.

also beggars are annoying and cunning as crazy

that’s all I have for now. happy assassination (of the good kind)