my trip in turkey


I spent my two weeks of vacation at turkey, here’s what I think and opinion of turkey


first off, turkey is such a beautiful and marvelous place, with lovely scenery, history and stuff but that’s not what got me hooked to the place.

it started a couple of days after arriving at turkey, we (me and my family) reserved a place at a hotel in the middle of turkey (everything from cheap to expensive stuff was there), after staying at the hotel for a bit, we left to check out some of the national landmarks and stuff (which involved lots of shady taxi drivers and walking), I wasn’t that into turkey (if you compared me to my family, you would be surprised), I liked it a lot because it offered sooooooooooooooooooooo much ideas I could for the majelah, but then at some point, we reach a large park but the park looked verrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy similar, like I was here but not here. I realized that I killed a templar in assassin’s creed revelations(I got the special edtions one, epic I must say) in the very spot I am on (a phrase I don’t say often), that got me very much interested as to what else in turkey is like the game (although it should be reversed but eh, I am a gamer)….until I heard we are going to the grand bazaar, now if you played assassin’s creed like crazy and memorized the map, you would realized that the grand bazaar is a good place to go templar killing, when we reached the grand bazaar (after a lot of walking and asking for directions), it was mystical, its somehow like the game (expect more people and shops and smells and annoying and more beggars which is a major thing in turkey not only in the game), I was looking around and I am not kidding, I found spots where I assassinated different templars and where the haystack should be (sadly, there are no haystacks in turkey >_<). as the rest of the vacation went on, I found more spots that were similar to the game, I even told my sisters about it (you know, I had to).

I know ubisoft people to listen or read what their fans say (not even a lonely blogger like me >_<), but dang ubisoft, you got a lot of things in turkey correct to the point where if you took a picture of a certain area in turkey (modern day) and display it next to images of the game, I wouldn’t know.

also beggars are annoying and cunning as crazy

that’s all I have for now. happy assassination (of the good kind)




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