My theory about horror games + plus annoying anime moments


and so…another semester of intense studying and such have officially begun, I wonder what will come out of this semester

—–         —–


I have small theory I would like to share with you all, when you play a scary game regardless of its type, there’s a point to the scary game where it doesn’t become scary anymore, right? you have adjusted to its patterns and such. well my theory is that every single scary game made has something called the “half life”, it’s the amount of time it takes for a scary to not become scary anymore. a lot of things can effect its half life, ranging from the length of the game to its content.

that’s all I have sooooooo

also, we all love watching anime and crap, right? (well not crap but you get my point) there some moments that dries up my ink, for example, two characters stand like miles and miles apart to the point where you need a binocular to see each other and yet somehow, they have a normal conversation, ok , I know that they wanna make it cool and stuff but at least make it somewhat real, you ruin the immersion and the feeling you are trying to portray. I am not an anime expert nor have I ever been part of an animation production but at I do know some things that can have a better effect. so instead of making them stand very far apart from each other, make them close to each other (hearing distance that is) and do a close up on one of the characters then fade to the other character. I honestly don’t know why they persist on doing so (maybe to decrease cost production but oh well) but why do they care they just make the animation so I can’t blame them……..and don’t get me started on the battle conversations they oh so very much love >_<

…….and don’t think you’re off the hook comics, nearly all of your characters have the same facial features both guys and girls (except for chaos comics, they rock) >_<

bye bye -w-


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