dwelling into the copyrights hole


it’s funny how I asked life to give me something interesting to write about.

I had a choice of writing about horror games or talk about megaman battle network 3

but then life gave me this

it started with me looking up laws of downloading japanese music online, I got the obvious answer “it’s illegal’ but then things spirals down from there…..I looked copyright laws for comics, manga old media and even read something called the ‘benre convention or whatever its called’. after reading lots of things related to copyright stuff.

this got me really worried (I am glad I am researching this now) because:

– what I am making doesn’t fall into the manga nor comic category because it’s a new type of illustrated art

– most of the jokes in the majelah refer to a lot of comics and manga and even manhwa

– the majelah will be a non-profit thing which means I will not gain any money from this but I know from experience that life will do something that will force me (whether it’s fortunate nor unfortunate) to make into a low-profit thing

– maybe in the future like 10 years from now when I done and finished with the story, some jerk will spawn and be like “hey, your majelah has something in my comic so-so years ago, I’ll sue you”, which will be a major pain in my calligraphy ink

– I live in a country where countless of people download lots of illegal songs, series and even movies, how come they’re not hunted down

and much more questions, I am researching this now because I am very committed to this and I have spent 6-7 years of my life drawing and making the story, it would be a shame that it is all for naught just because I failed to follow one simple law. I am well aware of the path I am taking (which is not filled with soft pastel and inks but rather filled with expired inks and horrible smelling white-out) isn’t easy and I’ll probably be facing lots of major companies and talking to lots of people but I am welling to do it because I know it will be worth it in the end (I just mentioned a linkin park song, is that a copyright infringement?).

so please, does anyone have the slightest idea of what I am gonna face and should I be doing at the current moment?

I thank you deeply in the bottom of my pastel-lead-ink-filled heart for you assistance


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