survived a difficult month


just went through what I like to call “the most difficult month” because october shifted from a meh month to “WHEN WILL IT END?!!!” month

in terms of project majelah, things are going well although the month didn’t let write much but at least I got some work done, I do what I like to call a tech demo to show you what’s in store

anyway, on with the blog

I am writing this using every inch of my cells because I am still battle damaged from last month, so what happened exactly? basically the worst case scenario for any college student, a week filled with midterms, quizzes and homeworks….no time to relax…its like playing a boss rush in dark souls 2 (except that you don’t time to recover nor level nor anything), at the end of the week of the end of october, I was mentally, physically destroyed (its interesting the effects of not sleeping a lot does to you) but still…. I had one last midterm to finish…do you know that feeling when you’re REALLY tired to the point where you’re gonna throw up because of how TIRED you are (even though you haven’t eaten anything in a while and there’s REALLY nothing like mom’s cooking)…I was at that point but I had to pick myself up and get going. I would really love to blame life for my troubles an d whatnot but life has nothing to do with it, it’s just doing its thang (which is to make things incredibly hard for you and sit and watch how you react) but its ME, the person who shpulld be more prepared for its traps and whatnot (but sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are, life will sometimes throw a soccer punch). now the fact that we’re done with that god-aweful month, I can somewhat relax with the one-quiz-one-homework week routine.

but the month wasn’t entirely aweul, I bought saints row IV from steam and having a serious blast with it (especially with the mods provided from, I also managed to have my own artstation (DSC_0260 DSC_0261).notice the huge number of comics and manga OwO

in terms of project majelah, I completed a nice chunk through the entire year, and even though I might not be able to complete it by the end of the year (I will blame the university fot not letting me do so), the first parts of the majelah is presentable which means I can draw the majelah and finish the story at the same time, I will update the majelah page with more info about this.

as the first of many sneak peeks of what will the story contain, consider this a nice preview of the main setting


introducing, ougawaka (meaning the great enlightened river, which consists of three islands, hitoseki “first gate”, futaseki “second gate” and akimora “autumn reveal”), the main setting where the helpless main characters will be.

thank you for reading and have a better month than me OwO

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