sonic colors 2: sonic lost world


I am very surprised how people manage to make a blog on a daily basis, I can’t make a blog twice a week >_<

anyway, I hope whatever I post is entertaining to people and help them in anyway possible.


even though I am kinda late to the sonic party (now with sonic boom being released and all), I am still gonna post this.

so I have bought sonic lost world (at first, I was hesitant but now I am happy with my decision) and I believe that sonic team (or sega), somehow manage not to make this sonic game horrible, this game reminds me a lot of the sonic advanced series, adventure 2, colors and generations. it’s also the first handheld sonic game to feature open world environments instead of the generic side scroller thing.

so when you first boot-up the game, you might not like what you first see (its basically the pixelated version of the sega logo even though older sonic games managed to make the logo much more clearer than what you see in the 3ds). aside from pixelated images, the game is actually good (even though the game has mixed reviews from good to bad), the game doesn’t have a difficulty setting so the game starts from “oh pffff this is easy” to trolling rage game (I am looking at you silent forest), but the best part is when you start becoming familiar with the game (which doesn’t take long, you get the hang of sonic’s abilities at the second stage (they removed the sonic burst but they added parkouring to sonic’s list of skills. which is really cool when you’re blasting through levels.

speaking of levels, the levels on the 3ds is different than the levels on the wiiU but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun (maybe fun is a long stretch of a word), a lot of the levels has the default enemies and running around but that’s not what makes the game fun, no no, there are levels that require such concentration that if you are not a patient person, you would most likely rage quit the game because of the amount of times you’ll lose your life (did I mention the game practically throws 1-ups at you, that’s not a good sign O_o) but when you complete the level, you realize that there are short-cuts and other places that let you finish the level faster (which is what makes this game good, you jumping from platform to platform, using speed to further your progress). oh and one more thing, some of these levels don’t have the invisible walls which prevents you from falling (which is good if you want to blast through levels but bad because one wrong move and you’re done for).

the story:

very much meh, I didn’t even bother watching the cut-scenes because I was more interested in the game rather than the story (if you want to know more about the story, look it up online), the boss fights in the game vary from unique to “what the hell man?!!”, unique as in the way you fight the bosses in the 3ds (compared to the wiiU version, the bosses in the 3ds are better), there’s a boss who uses fruits to protect him and you have to remove the fruit by kicking back the fruit at him (it’s a kids game, what do you expect) and you have to fight him on a circular 2-d plane, some bosses that are really annoying (not like “why is this hard” annoying but more like broken-game annoying), and example of such a boss is where you fight a boss in the sky where you are in constant free fall and you must rely on the homing attack to defeat him (this wouldn’t be a problem if you managed to control your falling speed much faster because there are moments where the boss is faster than you in everyway).

Special stages:

one main redeeming feature in sonic colors 2: lost world (I calling it that for a good reason) is the special stages which was seen in some sonic gba games, completing 7 special stages awards you with the ability to become super sonic at any time in any stage (you must have at least 50+ rings at the end of any stage to unlock a special stage and must have at least 50+ to become super sonic when unlocked), now with this game being a troll’s troll, you quickly learn that completing a special stage isn’t easier as one would have presumed becaussssssssssse……..the special stages…….rely……on……….gyro motion sensors…..yep, these stages would’ve been better if the game offered you an option to use the analog but nope….the developers wanted to make the game NEXTGEN!!! now I know that games have these “interesting” features to make it more fun but the way they implemented the gyro sensor in the game seems out of place, you literally need to hold the 3ds firmly and move it around like a maniac (the lengths one much achieve for greater fun), the sensors don’t register you movements accurately, you NEED A BIG SPACE TO COMPLETE THESE special stage (and don’t get me started on the numerous issues you go through when doing these special stages)…but when you complete the 7 special stages, the game doesn’t do anything special to tell you that you unlocked super sonic, you finish the last special stage, you’re at the main map and the game plainly tells you “you have unlocked super sonic”….you feel,,,,,empty, you spent a good amount of time going through these to unlock super sonic and all I get is bleh.

but let me tell you… is the greatest thing ever, playing as super sonic is like being godzilla and crushing every building that hindered your progress…..when you play as super sonic,,,,,you feel…….free

my advise: buy the game for the game not for the story


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