Rising artist’s note blog thing #14


I would like to thanks everyone who has helped me reach this far on the majelah project

just wanted to point that out there

with the end of the year slowly creeping like a creeper creeping to an un-suspecting victim, I become more worried as how the majelah will work out, to add to this, I am gonna be graduating soon not to mention the finals that will happen at the end of this year. (so I got a lot of things in my head and its affecting my sleeping habits) but….I am not here to complain, I am here to point out that by the end of this year and at my birthday, I will start drawing the majelah from the first issue to its last.

I keep telling people of what I am going through (great inks I am starting to sound like a drama queen), some tell me that its fine and you’ll pull through, while some tell me to postpone it to a different (I would agree to postponing it but I have been doing that for WAY TOO LONG). I feel nervous yet excited, I am worried but willing to face the challenges that lies ahead of me.

right now, there are sooooo many things I need to fix in terms of the story, polish my drawing skills to accommodate the story, languages to write, characters to make and KILL >_< (not to mention the secrets that I will plant in the story), and everytime I go through the story, I find more mistakes than the amount I fix (because right now, the story is nearly 53% done).

as the year comes to an end, I await and wonder what the next following years will bring forth


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