My のLife, 1st beat, Part #1

after a long time of writing development, I introduce you my life’s work




once the entire issue is done, the parts will be put together


I am currenlty unstable at te momment

lots of things happened in a span of a week that caused me to spral in a wierd stte of panic/excitement/nervesnous and such

1# my laptop is currently going through a boot failure (in which the drive that’s responsible for turning the OS on is malfunctioning, I backed up to be safe about it) so I had to reset everything (files remain but programs don’t)

2# my league of legends game was going through a crash every time I tried to join a game (I reported this to RIOT and currently working on it)

3# SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many papers have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the majelah (the name of the majelah will be revealed tomorrow) 9 papers to be exact (but hey who’s counting, right?).

4# I just order ice cream from an ice cream place, while it may not be a big thing to you, to me, it’s something I only dreamed about (this is definately going to the geek’s list )

5# tomorrow is my birthday and hoepfully if everything went well, the day I upload the first of many parts of the 1st issue (reasons are here)

end of the year beginning of the year talk


I wish to all a blissful year

as the years end and new ones starts, so does many opportunities for us to take, chances for us to forget the mistakes we made last year and try to fix it this year.

2014 somehow wasn’t one of my favorite years (because you have 3 even numbers and one odd number but that’s just over-analyzing) because it began with a high note (because at jan 24th 2014 was the first time I visited an anime convention in my province, it’s not as fancy as the ones you see outside but it was amazing to me plus, it’s one day before my birthday) and somehow at the middle of the year, things went downhill drastically, I can say without a doubt that last year’s semester was one of the most stress-inducing ones as I had to literally claw my way through the semester (as in no matter how hard I study, I get mediocre grades while everyone else was doing well), even though I just finished my finals yesterday, my mind still can’t process the fact that I am done and still think that there’s gonna be a class this sunday and my mind is telling to study for another quiz. it was a daunting year (I am sure many students will agree)

but now that we’re done with studying, I can at least focus on the majelah (of which I have been neglecting) and try to finish the 1st issue (REMINDER: THE 1ST ISSUE WILL BE COMPRISED OF PARTS LIKE ISSUE #1 [PART 1], ISSUE #1 [PART 2]….THIS WILL GO ON UNTIL THE 1ST ISSUE IS FINISHED AND WORKING ON THE SECOND, THIS WILL ONLY BE ON THE 1ST ISSUE DUE TO FACT THAT I NEEDED TO FOCUS ON UNIVERSITY, THE NEXT ISSUES WILL BE UPLOADED AS WHOLE). speaking of 1st issues, this is at least what I have managed to finish in the first issue.

the 1st page of issue #1

the 1st page of issue #1

the name of the majelah will be revealed on the day when I upload the first part of issue #1.

I guess that’s enough ranting from me and I wish to all a good year.

good night