sorry about the long period of nothing

this week has started on a VERY low note and ended in somewhat of a middle note.

I learned that sleeping majorly effects your mentality and how you feel towards the day.

I have some things to add to the geek’s list

as for the majelah, hopefully, at the end of this weekend, I’ll post a page (I would’ve posted two but the university has taken the majority of my time)

I found this old thing in my old college archives

sooooo at some point in a student’s life, you are bound to make a video about yourself or about a chosen topic and since I can’t offer anything in terms of majelah, I can offer you me 3-4 years ago in a horribly edited video which I made in a day

how many mistakes can you count?


a manga-artist publishes a chapter in a week (which is like around 20-30 pages), I need a week just to finish 2 pages (there was gonna be a third page but I messed it up and redo it all over again).

anyway, without further ado, this is the second part (read from left to right)

many papers sacrificed their lives for this

many papers sacrificed their lives for this

strategically placed dialog to avoid drawing stuff >_<

strategically placed dialog to avoid drawing stuff >_<


january past month rumble + majelah update

january was a very up and down month, lots of things happened…….just to exaggerate, it was pretty much ok, I started the year by taking a final exam, I had a vacation till january 24th, 25th was the start of the new semester and my birthday (of which I don’t celebrate) and I started the majelah, the last days of the month felt pretty weird mainly because it was the start of the new semester, more difficult courses means I have to invest my time on them and planning my senior project (and hopefully in the future, join a video contest but that’s for later). and that’s pretty much it. it’s gonna be a rough semester……as usual.

as for the majelah, I have finished two pages so far (and they’re for upload) but I am working the third and I am hoping by tomorrow night I will finish it and upload the three pages at once to give you guys something to read (the worst case scenario is somehow the page becomes ruined and I have to restart the page again, wish me luck)