january past month rumble + majelah update

january was a very up and down month, lots of things happened…….just to exaggerate, it was pretty much ok, I started the year by taking a final exam, I had a vacation till january 24th, 25th was the start of the new semester and my birthday (of which I don’t celebrate) and I started the majelah, the last days of the month felt pretty weird mainly because it was the start of the new semester, more difficult courses means I have to invest my time on them and planning my senior project (and hopefully in the future, join a video contest but that’s for later). and that’s pretty much it. it’s gonna be a rough semester……as usual.

as for the majelah, I have finished two pages so far (and they’re for upload) but I am working the third and I am hoping by tomorrow night I will finish it and upload the three pages at once to give you guys something to read (the worst case scenario is somehow the page becomes ruined and I have to restart the page again, wish me luck)


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