welcome to the wordpresslink shrine

if you have been released from an asylum and hitching a crow to get here then you’ve come to the right place.

I bought dark souls a couple of days ago and its sooooooo epic on sooo many unexpected levels. there are some things that annoyed me (like not being able to throw a spear) but other than that, its a blast, having sorcery and shouting “hido san-ju-san sokatsui!!!!” (bleach reference if you were wondering) at enemies and killing them brings out the anime/manga boy out of me.

the best aspect so far and being summoned by other players and helping them, you meet many interesting individuals.

as for the majelah, things were progressing slowly due to quizzes and midterms but hopefully a page will be uploaded this weekend.

I bid you all a farewell and PRAISE THE SUN!!!!



    1. thats’ the appeal actually, its difficult enough where you can’t just willt-nilly stroll into a place and beat it on the first try, you need to think, tread carefully and such

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