Trouble with mods

Soooooooooooooooooo it’s not a new thing to add mods to a game (like oblivion for example), but what is interesting is that when you crank up the difficulty meter to the highest……….. You’re gonna need lots of mods to survive a single dungeon (a few extra for the entrance to the dungeon)


I wish to walk the path of danzou

I plan on collecting these items in amazon

so that I could put them in one necklace and place them in my car as my trophies (yep I am that bored)



it’s been such a while since I wrote something that isn’t non-sense


this is the weekend, don’t confuse it with the holiday

sooooooooooo its the weekend, meaning I could spend some time drawing (since ramadan and the internship and the senior project taking most of my time….DAMN YOU RASPBERRY PI!!!!!!). this week has somewhat been weird, its started low and ended high because I was given a certificate for being in a meeting (yay), barely sleeping was a common issue but its alright.

speaking of raspberry pi (DAMN YOU!!!!!), python has reminded me why I hate programming, one little line of mistake and everything is a wreck.

that’s basically it.

I am out 😀