Of helmets and electronics


my blog is a ghost town…….

sooooo a couple months (or less) ago, I decided to embark on something I never knew possible, you see, I always wanted to build a something like what you see in ironman, I like how the computers and such work so flawlessly but as I near my path to graduation, I feel like I can accomplish such a task. One of the courses I am taking has taught us something about microcontrolers (arduino and such) and how it is used to make complex devices that’s when I decided to make an electronic helmet. one that can control drones and such

I plan to document the entire process here as I go on and hopefully people can give me some advice on what I am doing.


phase #1:

hollowing out the inside to fit my head. lines are added throughout the entire styrofoam to make sure things are accurate.


phase #2:

once the inside is hollow enough to fit my head and made an eye socket, I add lines to help my know where to sculpt and start shaping the outside part.


phase #3:

still sculpting though