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Since I’m here, I might as well rant about something


Game crashing is in my blood somehow

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I honestly don’t know how start these gosh dang blogs but anyway.

There’s a game I would like to talk about since I have played long enough and its called “Brave frontier”, its a mobile game where you use 5 units and one unit from a friend to defeat enemies.

more info here

so what makes this game interesting is the sheer amount of units currently available now (this is not including the JP and EU versions) and the current amount of evolution also available in the game (the current highest possible evolution now is 8* which is called omni evolution), the amount of content in the game and currently a new arc for the main quest is just starting.

The community for the game is as active as ever, it even has it’s own reddit ( , more players joining everyday, there are guilds for players to join and chat at.

its a mobile with so much to offer but if you’re willing to spare nearly 1GB of your phone’s memory space to install it.

but with all the nice things the game has to offer, there are some things the lacks at, in order to summon the massive amounts of units, you need something called gems and you need lots of gems and you need to buys gems with actual money and in this game, gems are everything, you can refill your energy with gems, summon limited time units with gems. so in some cases, this game is P2P and in some cases a F2P game.

but in any case, this game is enjoyable even if you aren’t a P2P player.

I am out