so I’ve been looking for the stronghold in my minecraft world #minecraft using mods

and this is the result:




A prinny review of #suicidesquad (spoilers)


I am a powerful prinny, I should join the suicide squad

so I watched Suicide squad, as a comic book reader, it somewhat annoyed me about the movie is they used a problem that superheroes natural deal with (it took the movie nearly 2 hours to set up and deal with a problem while the superheroes could deal with the same problem in less amount of time.

so the movie is about the warden amanda   (the actress has done her part perfectly) is collecting villains and super villains and naming them the suicide squad (but knowing this is a comic book movie and not a comic book, not everyone from the suicide squad will make an appearance) and taking them out on missions to remove some of their sentence time,so after so many set ups for all the suicide squad members (deadshot whom I have the most issue about how the movie portrayed him, harley of which the actress who played her role perfectly, croc of which the movie portrayed him perfectly, boomerang who played the comedy relief, flag who played the leader role and katana which is like taking an anime character from an epic anime to real life), so on their first mission they go out and deal with a super natural incident (of course) and the movie spends most of its time explaining why each character is what they are and setting everything and the climax is achieved through plot convenience and an ex machima.

they might as well made the movie have two parts instead of trying to mash setting the characters, scenes, plots, stories, sub stories and the conflict in to hours

so the movie is 7/10 to me, if I were to recommend this movie to a comic book reader, I would tell them not to expect anything

of minecraft and strongholds

you know? with all the mods I have installed, you’d think I could find a stronghold in an instant but nope……its taking a painstaking long time to find one, to the point where I wanna give up on fighting the ender dragon and just play casually but I’ll persevere.


anyway, random extra doodle of my trying to draw a cyborg