I don’t know how people do this


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after a long time, me and groudon are once again reunited

it puzzles me, how people manage to post blogs, videos, artwork and even music on a daily basis. I tried to post blogs and artworks online but as I have tried to do that, I learned that, I am somewhat of a conservative person and to be honest, its not a good thing in this time and age

and its that very reason why I wanna try posting stuff online but I can’t, mainly because I am not much of a person who can not express their thoughts properly, as for my art, I barely draw actual artwork, most of my efforts go to practicing and applying what I’ve practiced on to my majelah hence not much effort goes to actually drawing a piece worth putting online.

I will keep on trying to get out of my conservative mindset by posting more blogs and such, anyway I wish you all a good day


Knights in broken armor



Dark souls is an interesting game, despite the huge amount of memes and parodies that it produced, deep down, the game has a deeper meaning, through greater perseverance, you can achieve great things in the game even when the game throws odds that stack up against you.

As much as I would love to talk about dark souls but I wanna talk about something else, people view failure as a negative thing, that somehow failing to do something means you are incompetent and people feel disgraced when they fail multiple times (I am referring to anything that they’re doing) but as I grew, I now see failure as something to accept and learn from  how can you learn to draw faces at different angles without making all faces look horribly disfigured, how can a dancer become one of the best without falling over many times and how can carpenter make fine furniture without having injure themselves many times.

my point is, learn from your failures



Our imagination is what helps us separate reality from fiction

The last couple of years have seen a massive jump in computer technology, ranging from CPUs to how much the PC uses energy and one of the greater things the majority of humans always gets excited about is the increase in graphics.

We have jumped from characters made out of pixels to characters made out of high-res polygons so high, my somewhat beefed up laptop couldn’t handle it. But just because it has higher graphics doesn’t make everything better, no I am not talking game-wise (although that is a topic in itself), I am talking about the affects of prolonged exposure to ultra high quality graphics, let me give an example, VR is slowly becoming a thing in our daily life (I think it already has become) and its most prominent use is in horror games where people using VR would need to change their pants due to how frightening the game is but 20 years ago, developers had to make due with whatever their hardware was capable of and still managed to scare people in that time, the difference between the two timelines is how close to realistic games have become.

When using VR and the games graphics are close to realistic, the user themselves will slowly lose touch of reality and think the game world is real and this is what terrifies me the most, graphics becoming so real, you can’t tell the difference, you lose grip of reality granted some people play games with graphics so realistic, you can see the character’s sweat pores but some don’t, there are a category of people who can easily lose grip of reality.

I do support progression in technology and such but I think we have reached a point in graphics production and we should stop, or else at some point, a teenager can download an ultra hi-res model of whatever famous idol and use it in blender 31.50F

A herd of nerds 


We live in strange times indeed
It’s strange…. A nerd can befriend another nerd in real life, a nerd can date another nerd in real life, a nerd can marry another nerd in real life.

I am saying this because as I was growing up, being a nerd (nerd in a general term, like reading comics, Manga, playing card games and such) was a closet thing, not something that you share in a normal conversation or else people would think you’re weird and become subjected to bullying, it was rare in those times to find people of similar interests, I am glad I grew up in a geek/otaku/nerd family because I rarely found people in my school who were nerds but now in these current times, kids are wearing their favorite super heroes shirts in schools and make lots of friends that way.

These current times is a blessing to geeks such as us, we can openly discuss our favorite comics/manga and such without the fear of getting bullied or labeled as “weirdos” (I bet even bullies now wear batman/superman shirt)

Misconception of creativity 


Booooooooooo….did I scare you?

I scared myself

People seem to get the idea that creativity is something you are born with, not developed. But throughout the years of me learning how to draw and write stories, I realized that creativity comes later on, not immediately, because you can’t expect to create a master piece on your first year, second year not even after 7 years!!! It is your God damn well and determination that causes your brain to jump start the creative process, because no sane human would continue to draw circles, play the guitar until their fingers bleed or even sing until they can no longer speak!! Creativity is a privilege that we gain after when we scream to our brain after years and years that we are determined and we’re not gonna stop.


We’re not born creative, we’re earn it