A herd of nerds 


We live in strange times indeed
It’s strange…. A nerd can befriend another nerd in real life, a nerd can date another nerd in real life, a nerd can marry another nerd in real life.

I am saying this because as I was growing up, being a nerd (nerd in a general term, like reading comics, Manga, playing card games and such) was a closet thing, not something that you share in a normal conversation or else people would think you’re weird and become subjected to bullying, it was rare in those times to find people of similar interests, I am glad I grew up in a geek/otaku/nerd family because I rarely found people in my school who were nerds but now in these current times, kids are wearing their favorite super heroes shirts in schools and make lots of friends that way.

These current times is a blessing to geeks such as us, we can openly discuss our favorite comics/manga and such without the fear of getting bullied or labeled as “weirdos” (I bet even bullies now wear batman/superman shirt)


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