Our imagination is what helps us separate reality from fiction

The last couple of years have seen a massive jump in computer technology, ranging from CPUs to how much the PC uses energy and one of the greater things the majority of humans always gets excited about is the increase in graphics.

We have jumped from characters made out of pixels to characters made out of high-res polygons so high, my somewhat beefed up laptop couldn’t handle it. But just because it has higher graphics doesn’t make everything better, no I am not talking game-wise (although that is a topic in itself), I am talking about the affects of prolonged exposure to ultra high quality graphics, let me give an example, VR is slowly becoming a thing in our daily life (I think it already has become) and its most prominent use is in horror games where people using VR would need to change their pants due to how frightening the game is but 20 years ago, developers had to make due with whatever their hardware was capable of and still managed to scare people in that time, the difference between the two timelines is how close to realistic games have become.

When using VR and the games graphics are close to realistic, the user themselves will slowly lose touch of reality and think the game world is real and this is what terrifies me the most, graphics becoming so real, you can’t tell the difference, you lose grip of reality granted some people play games with graphics so realistic, you can see the character’s sweat pores but some don’t, there are a category of people who can easily lose grip of reality.

I do support progression in technology and such but I think we have reached a point in graphics production and we should stop, or else at some point, a teenager can download an ultra hi-res model of whatever famous idol and use it in blender 31.50F


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