I don’t know how people do this


0877-2646-6887 | Arcadia

after a long time, me and groudon are once again reunited

it puzzles me, how people manage to post blogs, videos, artwork and even music on a daily basis. I tried to post blogs and artworks online but as I have tried to do that, I learned that, I am somewhat of a conservative person and to be honest, its not a good thing in this time and age

and its that very reason why I wanna try posting stuff online but I can’t, mainly because I am not much of a person who can not express their thoughts properly, as for my art, I barely draw actual artwork, most of my efforts go to practicing and applying what I’ve practiced on to my majelah hence not much effort goes to actually drawing a piece worth putting online.

I will keep on trying to get out of my conservative mindset by posting more blogs and such, anyway I wish you all a good day


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