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Salt and Sanctuary – A painting in a video game form


The salt is strong in this one…..

There are very few games that leave a lasting impact on me, Salt and sanctuary is one of them. many of the game’s aspects is beautiful and fits the game’s overall theme, how the colors are bland and dark shows the dark nature of the game, the background compliments the NPCs and the enemies.

The gameplay of the game is somewhat near a cross between a hack’n’slash game and dark souls, the map of the game is larger than you expect but somehow all connected in various interesting ways.

The bosses are plenty and memorable, they have varying difficulties and you must use different strategies to beat them.

The game gives you enough space to make any build and not punish you for not choosing the correct builds or even spec incorrectly.

Overall, this game shouldn’t be considered a 2d dark souls as it has enough unique aspects of its own to consider itself a unique game.

for those wondering if they should get the game or not, you can watch my playthrough of the game and decide yourself.