Geek’s list

My advice for you: cherish your small little victories

My little moments

1# I’ll pay for that.

jam a barber’s electric clippers (those devices they use to cut your hair) two times.

2# bring out the lawnmower.

jam a barber’s electric clippers (those devices they use to cut your hair) three times.

3# that nerd in class.

be the only one to turn in a homework assignment in class.

4# players gotta play.

be the first to buy and play a game in your family.

5# imma bukwom.

read a novel

6# crossed the otaku line.

buy anime related cosplay

7# gluttony strikes hard

eat a whole calzone for breakfast

8# I’ll have everything you have

ordered everything in a fast food place

9# mister know-it-all

be the only one in class to know what the professor is explaining

10# that looooooooong awkward moment

be the last one to get out of lab class (in the middle of the night, where its only you and the professor, where its really quiet…….gosh darn it life)

11# one less game to worry about

defeat a final boss in a game

12# father figure

spend some quality time with dad

13# another one bites the dust

completed another game (one finger death punch)

14# they don’t suspect me

have 5 different people complement your assassins’s creed jacket

15# fuel me up baby

order every kind of burger in a fast food joint (burger fuel)

16# the show cow

bring a project you made to a public place

17# you’re that guy

have 5 people like a project you made

18# you are THAT guy

have 10 people like a project you made

19# hey now, you’re a project star

have a professor (or more) like a project you made

20# you just broke the project mold

have somebody acknowledge that a project you made is the best

21# such eerie times

urinate in a very dark place

22# best way to end the year

have a final exam at the end of the year

23# best way to start a year

have a final exam at the start of the new year

24# fast-food lover

order from the same place 3 days in a row

25# MR.quickdraw

order take-out in less than 30 seconds

 26# every child’s dream

order ice cream from an ice cream place

27# that nerd in class

never miss a class in a semester

28# head of the nerds

never miss at least three different class in the entire semester

29# king of nerds

never miss any class in 3 different classes in three different semesters in a row

30# the ruler of the nerds

never miss any class in 9+ different classes on your study plan

31# glitched blades

Complete xblades on hard

32# glitched artifacts

Collect all the artifacts in xblades

33# the girl, the blades and the skirt

Complete mitsurugi kimui hakae on hard

34# one with everything

Completely upgrade everything in mitsurugi kimui hakae

35# welcome to dark souls

get your first death in dark souls

36# bottom floor: death, undead and crazy ghosts

reach new londo ruins in dark souls

37# smaug’s brother?

meet the red dragon in undead burg in dark souls

38# we had a nice transaction

kill the merchant in undead burg to get uchigatana in dark souls

39# gotta get killed by some of them

have 5 different creatures kill you in dark souls

40# phoenolf meet gravity, gravity meet phoenolf

get killed by falling into your doom

41# phoenolf the riftwalker

have a player summon you and help them beat the boss of the area in dark souls

42# who you gonna call? PHANTOM PHOENOLF!!!

help 5 different players defeat their boss of their area

43# there goes the neighborhood

get invaded by another player in dark souls

44# helldouche dragon

get killed by the hellkite dragon several times in dark souls

45# what’s the matter? cat got your tail

obtain the drake sword in dark souls

46# how do you squash?

lose 5 times consecutively in squash

47# gone with the douche

kill the hellkite dragon

48# stupid invaders

be invaded by two different players at the same time in dark souls


defeat a player who has invaded you in dark souls

50# hope for humanity has been restored

share a moment with an invader in dark souls 

51# all these souls gone to waste

lose more than half a million souls in dark souls

52# oh the humanities

lose more than 50+ humanities in dark souls

53# the milestones of life

watch a relative graduate

54# featherbrain phoenolf

have an actual conversation with a bird

55# doppleganged

have a person mix you with somebody else 

56# an elephant in da hole

drive an SUV in a VERY small street

57# silence of the dads

spend 5+ minutes in complete silence with your dad while driving

58# a diamond in the rough

found a place of interest in an unexpected place

59# zero mile club

drive a car while that has no fuel

#60 who me?

have somebody mistake you for an official in an event

#61 hook line and sinker

Bait the professor to asking you a question you know the answer to

62# all nighter

watch an entire live stream on

63# the troll in class

sit at the back of the class

64# to sleepy for this

take the final exam while wearing a pijama

65# officially a grown-up

become an intern

66# spokesperson wannabe

speak infront a group of people in a company

67# a lady’s geek

got a group of women to say “AWWWWWW”

68# m’ladies

open the door for a group of women

69# legal stuff

sign a contract

70# they see me trollin….they can’t take a picture

ruin two different photoshoots

71# can’t stop me now~

forced the cameraguy to retake a photo 3 times in a row

72# they won’t notice me if I didn’t move

be the only male in a bus full of female

73# base slackers

Be the first one to show up at work several times

74# here’s to you vavly

commit to a promise and keep that promise

75# footnote on the cement

cause a trend to emerge in a game

76# one of the big fish in the sea

manage to be top 10 in

77# remember me when you’re a star

helped a person become #1 in

78# the chatterbox

get a reward for expressing most opinions in a meeting


finish a report in less than a hour

80# a unique taste

create a unique mixture for the ice cream milkshake in baskin robbins (lemon twist, mint chocolate chip and gold medal ribbon)

81# the blabber mouth from work

made a speech where people from different departments liked

82# fancy as black parker ink

eat a fancy steak at a fancy restaurant (then poop fancy poop)

83# monster, monster everywhere

stayed alive for 40 minutes in risk of rain at monsoon difficulty (while playing as commando)

84# I played too hard

managed to cause a game to crash (risk of rain)

85# puny cars

drive a SUV a very narrow alley

85# fun with mom

have you and your mom become lost in a city at night

86# toilets galore 

used different toilets in 7 different countries

87# road to fish master

tried 7 different kinds of fish

88# I am phoenolf, the oblivion walker

complete elder scrolls: oblivion

89# I am genocide

murdered over 200+ people in elder scrolls oblivion

89# fee fi foo FUDGE!!!!

fight against two giants at the same time at a low level in skyrim

90# I thought mammoths were jolly creatures

fight against 3 mammoths at a low level at the same time in skyrim

91# there’s a dragon

fight a dragon in skyrim

92# there are two dragons

fight two dragons at the same time in skyrim

93# 3 is a party

fight 3 dragons at the same time in skyrim

94# 4 is a crowd

fought 4 dragons in skyrim

95# dragons, dragons everywhere

fought 5+ dragons at the same time in skyrim

96# for the kids

joined a 5km charity run and finished it

97# I am now committed to it

reach level 80 in skyrim

98# it’s a baby…..chao?

have two chaos hatched from their eggs

99# still got it

get an A rank in sonic adventure 2

100# part of history

complete the senior project and give it to the university





101# a mark in history

completed MGSV

102# brave sybil harem

collected the 6 sybil sisters in brave frontier

103# no blue shells in sight

played kart racing

104# the dohvakin, phoenolf

completed skyrim

105# skyrim ain’t big enough for two dohvakin

completed skyrim DLC

106# ain’t got nothing better to do

spent nearly 230+ hours playing skyrim

107# CTD city, here I come

installed more than 200+ mods in skyrim

108# it’ll stop at some point, right?

reached lvl295 in skyrim

109# ITS….under 9000?

caused the values of both armor and weapons to reach negative values using mods

110(that’s a six in a binary)# can’t stop the boom

completed sonic generations

111(7 in binary)# motorhead

went to a car show

112# phoenolf, the foretold summoner

reach lvl 230 in brave frontier

113# sent that witch to oblivion, witches love oblivion

completed trial X3 in brave frontier

114# so much reading

read an entire licence agreement document before installing a program


reached 69 days in minecraft

116# can I take a break?

reached a speed of 240 in one finger death punch

117# let the bodies hit the floor

reached 2500kills in one finger death punch

118# highway to somewhere

drove 100000KM with the same car

119# teacher’s pet

drove a professor back to their home

120# phoenolf, the dohvakin arisen

defeated a dragon in dragon’s dogma

121# another one

defeated the cursed dragon in dragon’s dogma

122# u wot m8

defeated 3 dragons in the same fight in dragon’s dogma



  graduate college

124# cinema movie fanatic

watch two movies at the cinema back-to-back

125# 😀   destroyer of worlds, meet phoenolf

killed the eater of worlds in terraria

126# highway to hell
Reached hell in terraria

127# got you out of my head
Defeated brain of cthulu in terraria

128# debonerfied

defeated the skeletron in terraria

129# mind your own beezwax!!!!

defeated the queen bee in terraria

130# my thirst is quenched

Screenshot 2016-06-07 00.11.27 (2)

131# guardian of merith, phoenolf

completed quaid’s quest 100% and obtained the merith pearl

132# cleansed spirit

went on an umrah

133# putting a soul to rest

completed resurrection flame grand quest in brave frontier 

134# all around the world in one plate

ate 4 different cuisines on one plate

135# carnivore

ate 4 different kinds of meat on one plate

136# stuck at the mall

spent 8 hours at a mall

137# I am the night, I am batnolf

completed batman: arkham city on hard

138# putting a soul to rest

completed the wandering hermit quest in brave frontier

139# putting an end to the destroyer

defeated karma masta

140# sakura crashers

caused sakura clickers to crash

141# 420#blazeit#360noscope

reached lvl420 in brave frontier


142# celtic ending for skyrim

played a total of 420 hours on skyrim



143# never again………

played a total of 69 hours on sakura clickers

144# phoenolf may……draw?

completed DMC Devil May Cry

145# Houston, we have doge

Found a pack of wolves and tamed them

146# do you wanna build a snowman?

Made a snow golem (and named him Tony)

147# ahead of the class

Acquired a mob head in minecraft

148# pentakill…..ACED

had one unit wipe an entire squad in brave frontier at Colosseum or arena

149# the end of craft

beaten minecraft on hardcore (with mods)


150# good to see you again

managed to get a groudon through GTS in pokemon Y

151# chatterbox

made 200 posts in wordpress

152# that….was easier than expected

caught the legendary pokemon yveltal with one ultraball in pokemon Y

153# pokeborne?

have more than 6 legendary dragon pokemons

155# champion of the pokeworld

defeated the elite four

156# FULL POWER!!!!

got a pokemon to lvl100

157# this isn’t even my final form

got the griseous orb

158# silicon valley, here I come

Developed an app

159# at least we stole the show

went through the graduation ceremony from the university you graduated from


160# I am the true overlord

leveled up tyrant valvetorez to lvl9999


beat pringer x at lvl9999


beat and recruit overlord zetta

163# darkbound…..starsouls…….whatever

died 5 times on starbound on hardcore

164# spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace maxresdefault

visited 10 different planets


recruited two crew members

166# it’ll be over in a flash, nothing personal….

finished a quest in less than 30 seconds in brave frontier

167# full crew

recruited more than 8 members to your ship in starbound

168# netherworld champion, phoenolf

completed the netherworld tournament in disgaea 4

169# lands of prinnies

reached land of carnage in disgaea 4

170# commonwoman

established more than 4 settlements in fallout 4

171# mayor of commonwealth

have a total of 30+ residents across all of your settlements in fallout 4

172# phoenolf, the necrobotser

hacked security robots and let them kill all enemies in a building in fallout 4

173# friendlyclaw

have a deathclaw kill a legendary enemy for you in fallout 4

174# a behemoth’s day out

fought 3 behemoths at the same time in fallout 4

175# poppin’ heads

headshotted 10+ enemies without scoping

176# blood shroud

Completed the silver shroud side quest in fallout 4

177# the blade that cuts the heavens

Reach lvl999 and get the heaven’s edge in brave frontier

178# domo arigatou mister robato

achieve full friendship with mr.coddlesworth

179# call in the boys

obtained artillery strike in fallout 4

180# now the game starts

reach level 125 in fallout 4

181# news reporter found love in commonwealth, more at radio freedom

reach full friendship with piper in fallout 4

183# out with a beating heart

finished a coop raid with 1hp left in bleach brave souls

184# wrong espadahood

fought and defeated 3 coop raid bosses in one fight alone in bleach brave souls

185# so much hitting

reached 700hits combo in bleach brave souls

186# first step to greatness

evolved a 5* unit to a 6* unit

187# so much greatness

max leveled a 6* unit in bleach brave souls

188# death from fusion

defeated all the enemies in the first turn using ultra fusion in dragonball fusions.

189# 1 touch pass

have an enemy get passed to all team members before getting ringed out in dragonball fusions.

190# you get a ring out, you get a ring out and you get a ring out

ring out all enemies at the same time in dragonball fusions.

191# death to all who oppose me

KO ring out all enemies at the same time in dragonball fusions.


have a unit reach max level in dragonball fusions

193# all your bases are to belong to me

Caught an entire squad in dragonball fusions

194# fusion crash

Caused dragonball fusions to crash

195# mista conventions

Went to 4 job conventions

196# we are dragonball

finished dragonball fusions main story line

197# brotherhood of GTFO

got rid of the brotherhood of steel in fallout 4

198# institutidead

got rid of the institution in fallout 4

199# guns……guns never change

completed the main storyline of fallout 4 through the railroads faction

200#can’t stop the railroad hype

finished all unique railroad faction missions

201# we are all unique

achieved full friendship with nick valentine in fallout 4

202# love is the best cure

achieved full friendship with cure in fallout 4

203# commonwealth under my wing

unlocked all possible settlements in fallout 4

204# sage of the naruto game

finished naruto ninja storm 3 full burst

205# sage of legends

completed naruto ninja storm 3 full burst going though the legend route

Screenshot 2017-03-12 03.30.02

206# coffee maker

help make coffee

207# online nerd

registered for a course on

208# online genius

passed a course on

209# the nerdiest of nerds

registered to multiple courses on

210# kitten herder

have 3 kittens live at your house

211# not much of a genius

Defeated the genius trail with a single squad in brave frontier


212# ripping the wings of the phoenix

defeated the seria trial in strategy trials in brave frontier


213# reach for the stars

reached the highest point in a planet on starbound

214# oh hi there ;_;

found a boss by accident in Salt and sanctuary

215# door to entry

defeated the first boss in salt and sanctuary

216# sorry wrong boss

accidentally encountered different bosses on salt and sanctuary

217# no life for you

defeated two different bosses on the first attempt on salt and sanctuary

218# SHORYUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fall down from the top of the map to the bottom of the map from an enemy hit in red hall of cages on salt and sanctuary

219# salt and crashes

managed to cause salt and sanctuary to crash

220# you’re a wizard phoenolf

reached level 215 in gemcraft chapter 2: chasing shadows

221# I am a “fair” man

went to a local fair and played the games there

222# howdy partner

became a youtube partner

223# such videos much content

uploaded 10+ videos to youtube

224#no space for ruin

defeated the last boss in starbound

225# deep space exploration

opened an ancient gate and found ancient essence

226# farewell you beautiful art of a game

beat salt and sanctuary

227# ITS OVER 9000

Have more than 9000+ monsters in the field in gemcraft chasing shadows.

228# its happening

get more than 1 mil exp in gemcraft chasing shadows

229# story of mana

get over 10 mil mana in gemcraft chasing shadows

230# the story of 4 women who saved the world

completed oneechanbara z2 chaos on medium

231# all the knowledge

bought all skills in oneechanbara z2 chaos

232# somewhat of youtuber

uploaded 100 videos on to youtube

233# its happening (O_O)

have somebody subscribe to your youtube channel

234# oneechanbroken

caused a major bug in oneechanbara z2 chaos

235# full on rebel

Made a character reach max level in hover: revolt of gamers

236# zero to hero

have a chao evolve to a hero in sonic adventure 2

237# a geek in my own world

reach over 230+ entries in the geek list

238# slowly stepping up in the world

Made a video game commentary for the first time

239# the one and only Kappa himself

Found and killed the mysterious and rare Kappa boss in clicker heroes

240# big and smart spender

bought 10 games on steam during the steam summer sale

241# 60frames of pure quality

uploaded a video that has 60 FPS on youtube

242# its an official title now

Have somebody call you a youtuber online

243# what an age we live in

order food from an app

244# iudex combabatch

defeated iudex gundir in Dark souls 3

245# vordt the doge

defeated vordt of the boreal valley without being kindled in dark souls 3

246# oh, that’s a thing too

get parried by an enemy in dark souls 3

247# slippery floors

fall to your death while sliding down due to an enemy attack

248# not a tree lover

defeated Curse-Rotted Greatwood in dark souls 3

249# guardian not guardianing

defeated a guardian without having other members help you in brave frontier in guild raid

250# two quacks down

defeat two guardians in guild raid in brave frontier

251# of fire and ice

Defeated the abyss watchers  in dark souls 3

252# Crystal paste

defeated the crystal sage in dark souls 3 on the first attempt

253# jolly cooperation

got rid of an invader in another player’s world as a blue spirit in dark souls 3

254# friendly fire at its best

let the fire demon kill a mimic for you in dark souls 3

255# praise it till you drop

obtained the lightening spear miracle

256# old demon douche dead

defeated old demon king with only a bow in dark souls 3

257# gravetender crew down

defeated the gravetender boss in dark souls 3

258# sir windhelm and onyx

defeated sir vilhelm with gravity in dark souls 3

259# your services are no longer needed shadow

complete all shadow’s stages in sonic adventure 2

260# no more ice and hello~~~ scythe

defeat sister friede and get her scythe in dark souls 3

261# deacons of the dead

defeated the deacons of the deep in dark souls 3

262# dank lord wolnir

defeated the high lord wolnir in dark souls 3

263# should’ve brought a coat

reached the irithyll of the boreal valley in dark souls 3

264# nobody talks about the fight pit

joined a PVP fighting pit in dark souls 3

265# hellooooooo~ new waifu

met yorshka in dark souls 3

266# its been a long time

reached anor londo in dark souls 3

267# It seems like the work of an enemy stand

killed all the angels in the dreg heap in dark souls 3

268# Prince dethroned

Defeated the demon prince in dark souls 3

269# Welcome to the Ringed city, population: none

Reached the ringed city

270# Like a boss

Become summoned for the spears of the church in dark souls 3

271# I don’t wanna die

Get chased by 6 harald legion Knights at same time

272# sonic’s services are no longer required

beat all sonic missions in sonic adventure 2

273# half way there….ish

get 100 emblems in sonic adventure 2

274# part of the working force now

got a job

275# custom made

have a uniform custom made for you

276# under new management

beat hover: revolt of gamers

277# first try aliens

killed the first boss in axiom verge on the first try

278# second no hit aliens

defeat the second boss without getting hit in axiom verge

279# marathon-man

went 10 hours without eating

280# begone oni, begone

defeated the first boss in nioh

281# vampy lady done

defeated the second boss in nioh

282# is it dark here?

cleared a twilight mission in nioh

283# nuc nuc

defeated nuc in nioh

284# thats a dead demon man japanese warlord

defeated the third boss in nioh

285# thats a big centipede

defeated the fourth boss in nioh

286# shooting canon mania

defeated the third boss in axiom verge without dying

287# when I come around

Beat the summoner arc on brave frontier

288# power beyond belief

Achieve super Saiyan 3 with your character in xenoverse 2

289# be gone for good

Get coolers super move in xenoverse 2

290# best in class

Reach super class in xenoverse 2

291# all for nothing?

Complete both dlc in xenoverse 2

292# hehe alright

Reach level 69 with your character in xenoverse 2

293# this is a start for something special

made a DnD character

294# I never knew it was this magical

played a single DnD session (short)

295# made some new “friends”

met 3 kobolds and not fight them in DnD

296# he wont be needing those anymore

kick the quest giver between the legs in DnD

297# demon bitch xie

defeated the demon witch xie in strategy trials in brave frontier

298# maxwell house coffee

beat the god creation trial in the strategy trials in brave frontier


defeated the 4th boss in axiom verge on the 1st try

300# all for mom

bought an expensive gift for mom


Completed the vision sequence in axiom verge

302# aborted cloned

Didn’t harm the aborted clone boss in axiom verge

303# til everything burns

Defeated 10000 pirates in a single mission in one piece pirate warriors 3

304# while everyone screams

Took over a territory with single special attack in one piece pirate warriors 3

305# burning their lies

Get 3000+ “!” in a single mission in one piece pirates warriors 3

306# burning my dreams

Took over a territory with kizuna special rush attack in one piece pirate warriors 3

307# all of this hate

Defeated 2 or more named pirates with a single special attack in one piece pirate warriors 3

308# and all of this pain

Defeated 2 or more named pirates with kizuna special rush attack in one piece pirate warriors 3

309# I’ll burn it all down

Finished a mission with all friends fled in one piece pirate warriors 3

310# as my anger reigns

Completed two of the most difficult missions in dream log in one piece pirate warriors 3

311# twitch fan

Remained subbed to a twitch streamer for 2+ years

312# bleach brave souls fan

Played bleach brave souls for a whole year

313# fallen something, I dont know

defeated the fallen guardian in torchlight 2

314# one eyed dude

defeated one eyed willy in torchlight 2

315# I escaped, watcha gonna do now huh?

defeated the first boss in dungeon souls

316# removing the face of an ugly thing

defeated the second boss in dungeon souls

317# xbox not 180

opened an xbox 360 controller

318# putting the metroid in metroidvania

Defeated metroid deviant on the first try in sundered

319# the cake wasn’t a lie

Beaten portal 1

320# it goes on and on and on……..

reached past wave 300+ in gemcraft chasing shadows

321# so many blood

achieved 20K kills in gem craft chasing shadows

322# going further beyond

reached level 2000+  in gemcraft chasing shadows

323# small stepping stones

made an animation for the first time

324# too much water

beat the fifth boss in nioh

325# fun for me and you

had a visitor come to help you in nioh

326# jolly cooperation

joined a coop with a friend in nioh


have a boss kill you and your partner in coop in nioh

328# boobie spider lady is down

defeated the sixth boss on the first try in nioh

329# we are legion

joined a clan in nioh

330# warrior of the east’s honor

complete the warrior of the east armor and weapon set in nioh

331# lets drink some tea

found the secret tea house in nioh

332# so many dead revenants

killed 10+ revenants in the same mission in nioh

333# going deeper

Finished the first chapter in smashing the battle

334# try-hards

Have an enemy defeat you after you defeat the boss in smashing the battle

335# yum yum soda

Defeated the first boss in soda girls

336# such an amazing game left abandoned

Finished soda girls

337# nice animation bruh

have more than 1000+ people watch something you posted in twitter


defeated the ukhu variant boss in axiom verge in less than 2 minutes

339# sentinel? more like deadtinel……

defeated the sentinel boss in axiom verge

340# new spankin’ boots

got the red coat in axiom verge

341# the first of many things

joined the first frontier hunter in brave frontier 2

342# pimp out your ship, women like pimped out ships

change the color of your ship in warframe

343# we have a slave

Equipped a sentinel

344# that staff will hurt

maxed out a melee weapon in warframe

345# P2P

bought platinum in warframe

346# maxed out tenno

maxed out the volt tenno in warframe

347# ninja to the max

max out the kunai rank in warframe

348# jack out

defeat the jackal in warframe

349# a thing of beauty, this gun

max out the dex burst weapon in warframe

350# jolly warframe cooperation

played several missions with the same player

351# like the wings of icarus

build the odanata archwing in warframe

352# thank you for being brave

Played brave frontier for 978 days


found a kudrow and raised to maturity


played an end game mission with friends

355# le bron james

obtained the oberon warframe

356# primed for awesome

managed to build volt prime in warframe

357# uhhhhh sand stuff, yeah

defeated Lieutenant Lech Kril in warframe

358# knock knock, guess who’s here?

reached the void in warframe

359# I know how to do stuff…….

reached disciple rank in warframe

360# you’re a bag of crap full of crap

defeated the sergeant in warframe

361# well……ain’t this a reunion?

defeated vor and kril on ceres in warframe

362# oh lookie here, I gotta go

spent 20 minutes in a survival mission in warframe

363# are done protecting this thing?

stayed for a total of 20 waves in a defense mission in warframe

364# its like I am not even there

finish saya’s vigil quest in warframe

365# raptor, no raptoring

defeated the raptor in warframe


beat a mission with 10 hp or less in warframe

367# off to a new planet

opened the saturn juncture in warframe

368# flesh over cybernetics

defeated sargas ruk in warframe

369# uranus, the aquarious planet

opened the uranus juncture in warfrae

370# it doesnt see me it doesnt see me it doesnt see me it doesnt see me

saw a teralyst at night in cetus in warframe

371# a light on darkness

completed the natah quest

372# ROAR!!!! I AM WAR!!!

made war reach level 30

373# this adorable cute abomination

bred a Helminth Charger

374# those unique people

had a special moment in a reddit thread


got khora in warframe

376# gone in a minute or two

Finished a mission in less than two minutes with a squad in warframe

377# the fort Knox of warframe

Reached the index missions in warframe


beat octavia’s anthem quest in warframe

379# where’s that dog now?

crossed the pluto juncture in warframe

380# some funny words JAJAAHAHAHAHA

reached the sedna juncture in warframe

381# transference, completed

finished the war within quest in warframe

382# it ain’t hungry any more

died more than 5 times during the operator segment in war within in warframe

383# sorted that sortie

completed a sortie for the first time in warframe

384# and many more annoying ones to come

unveiled a riven for the first time in warframe

385# golden shiny shiny shiny shiny

obtained helios prime in warframe

386# those poor unfortunate souls

recruit several members into your clan in warframe

387# chained replies

Caused a chain reaction of replies on reddit thread

388# modded prime

Got your first primed mod in warframe

389# timezone buddies

Share the same timezone with some one you know online

390# 1 down, 5 to go

Reached the highest position in perrin sequence syndicate in warframe

391# vored in the void

Defeated vor in one of the missions on the void in warframe


Witnessed a vor dialog in warframe

393# I am a big boy

attend an actual business meeting

394# that’s not a good sign

have your first achievement in city skylines be the “unpopular mayor”

395# peculiar achievement

managed to get a peculiar mod in warframe

396# goalie of the match

prevented different players from scoring a goal in a soccer match

397# welp, that was a night

helped a person capture a teralyst in warframe


helped a person capture a gantulyst in warframe

399# quite the busy night

helped a person capture 2 eidolons in a single night in warframe

400# the garfield timeline

read the first strip of garfield up until the most recent one

401# cough out your lung for this one

caught a 37.5 kg lung fish in warframe

402# the murkiest of rays

caught a 39.2 kg murkray fish in warframe

403# lost a loved one, gained a new friend

finished the sacrifice quest in warframe

404# terry down

caught a teralyst with a group in warframe

405# that’s overdamage

hit a fish with 1k damage in warframe

406# its a fancy gun

played warframe for 100 days

407# death for money

had the most kills in the index in warframe

408# on our way to the top

reached rank 12 in warframe


forma’d a lot of the weapons and warframes in warframe

410# onward bound

unlocked the first waybound in zenurik in warframe

411# what vor said was true

found corrupted mods in warframe


Screenshot 2018-07-03 23.24.34

had the most points and kill and no death in low risk solo index in warframe

413# we are corrupted, impure

Collected all corrupted mods for warframes through trading in warframe

414# we’re getting there

Went to a Manga anime con in Saudi Arabia


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