Majelah HQ

a rising artist (well cartoonist or illustrator to be more specific) who’s trying to make a mark in the world of art -w-

Requirements of becoming an artist:

1# a pencil (in any form)

2# limitless number of papers (in any form)






For the last 5 years, I’ve working/developing/writing something I would like to call “majelah” (ma as in “matt, je as in “jet” and lah as in “lard”), which means magazine in arabic (it was first a manga then it became a comic then evolved to this (it was called meta manga/comic but then I realized it was too long to say so I changed it to majelah),when I started this, I was 15-16 years old, now I am 21), why “majelah” not a manga nor a comic? because it was made by an arab and we need a change of pace every once in a while -w-, I won’t reveal the name of the majelah (but at some point I will), from time to time, I will update the progression of the project.

why I am doing this? because I want to make a work that has all the things I want a manga and comic to have -w-

Majelah project:

Definition of the majelah (made-up): a form of illustrated sequential art that uses different mediums with methods of drawing

Majelah status: ongoing

Story specs:

in the beginning of the year 2009, at around january.

Genre: aliens, fantasy, comedy, parodies, action, drama, mystery

setting: south east of japan, on a fictional island called ougawaka


number of main characters: 2


supporting main character:


Wolfang Quickclaw



12 thoughts on “Majelah HQ

    1. #1 I have used in total of : 12 pencils (sharpened them to the point where they’re too short to be used, finished lots of pigment (or whatever its called) ink pens (check -w-)

      #2 I have finished a total of 23+ sketchbooks (check -w-)

      #3 currently writing a story (estimated time for me to finish completely writing the story, fully draw out the characters, finish developing new languages for the story, adding funny reference, learning cultures about other countries and so on is……january 25th 2015-2016) (check -w-)

      ummm I think yeah, I possess all of them OwO

      1. You bet! Art and personal express are critical aspects of living a full and exciting life! Stephanie

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