Salt and Sanctuary – A painting in a video game form


The salt is strong in this one…..

There are very few games that leave a lasting impact on me, Salt and sanctuary is one of them. many of the game’s aspects is beautiful and fits the game’s overall theme, how the colors are bland and dark shows the dark nature of the game, the background compliments the NPCs and the enemies.

The gameplay of the game is somewhat near a cross between a hack’n’slash game and dark souls, the map of the game is larger than you expect but somehow all connected in various interesting ways.

The bosses are plenty and memorable, they have varying difficulties and you must use different strategies to beat them.

The game gives you enough space to make any build and not punish you for not choosing the correct builds or even spec incorrectly.

Overall, this game shouldn’t be considered a 2d dark souls as it has enough unique aspects of its own to consider itself a unique game.

for those wondering if they should get the game or not, you can watch my playthrough of the game and decide yourself.


Starbound – A large and empty mansion


[some wise words…….. by some wise person]

So, I played starbound, I’ve beaten the game (with mods of course), I spent 261 hours on the game… I think it was time well spent? To be honest, I don’t think so.

Starbound is an interestingly unique game, it has many features ranging from time travel to different races, its like a large mansion, its extremely large, giving you lots of exploration where you can explore space endlessly (I mean it, it keeps on generating planets), lots of weapons and magic for you to play with, different races that react to you differently, capturing monsters and making them your ally and the list goes on.

But the longer you play, the more it’s flaws starts to show, whenever you start the game fresh with a new character, you always have to do a mission before you can go the space exploration portion of the game and depending on your luck, it could take a very long before you can do so, there isn’t much variety on how the villages and communities do, you find a community, do some quests related to the villages and if you are lucky, they become your crew mates and if you tried to take some of their stuff, they become aggressive towards you, that’s pretty much it.

The way you handle mission is very linear, you can’t go to any boss in any order even though the game should do that due to its open world nature, despite on how large the entire game is, there are no side bosses, only main bosses (unless you wanna count ancient bosses as side bosses). The crew AI isn’t very good, they jump into lava and acid as if though they are in a swimming pool, even though you can take only 2 crew members, it becomes a hassle as you try to select certain items and they’re in the way.

The game is like a very very large mansion, but it feels somewhat empty because after long hours into the game, it starts to become boring and you just start farming food hoping it doesn’t spoil on you, I am trying to refrain myself from comparing starbound to terraria because they are two different games with unique gameplays but I hope starbound takes some ideas from terraria like improving the grappling, unique side bosses, flying islands, special events and such. Starbound can go so many directions since there are many things can be added to the game.

In the end, I wanna say starbound is a good game but it still has ways to go before it could rival against terraria in terms of content.

welcome to the wordpresslink shrine

if you have been released from an asylum and hitching a crow to get here then you’ve come to the right place.

I bought dark souls a couple of days ago and its sooooooo epic on sooo many unexpected levels. there are some things that annoyed me (like not being able to throw a spear) but other than that, its a blast, having sorcery and shouting “hido san-ju-san sokatsui!!!!” (bleach reference if you were wondering) at enemies and killing them brings out the anime/manga boy out of me.

the best aspect so far and being summoned by other players and helping them, you meet many interesting individuals.

as for the majelah, things were progressing slowly due to quizzes and midterms but hopefully a page will be uploaded this weekend.

I bid you all a farewell and PRAISE THE SUN!!!!

Hello and I am back from my little trip


just a quick thing I wanna say, I am kinda jealous of how crazy hentai and ecchi stories can get, mainly because they’re not being held back by the silly laws of viewer discretion.

anyway, with that said, on with the blog

I was at riyadh for a couple of days of which I spent at my cousin’s house, we had lots of fun, we stayed up, watched movies, played the demo of super smash bros (the new one) on the 3ds, watched my cousins play yugioh (both solo and tag team…..HARDCORE STUFFF)…but the highlight was a game called dark souls 2, apparently this game is a synonym to the ultimate rage game, since I have watched countless youtubers play this game and rage like crazy, so, in order to debunk this myth of being the most rage inducing game ever, I decided to play it (first off, I would like to mention that I have an un-broken record of creating female characters rather than male character because females rock).

the following statements were the most common things I have said during me playing the game (for those who have played the game before, I bet you’ll get a kick out of this, I can’t remember the names of the place but I am sure you’ll figure it out based on what I have said):

1- at the beginning of the game “does this game have the break the pot and get stuff logic?”

2- at the beginning of the game “ok, all I have to do is just jump across this hole”(forgets to read the sign explaining that the character doesn’t automatically jump)

3- at the beginning of the game “whoa!! is that a coffin over there?!! but there’s a thingy guarding it, alright, all I have to do is OH MY GOD THERE”S TWO OF THEM!!!!)

4- at mujalo (whatever you call it) “where the blacksmith?! WHERE”S THE BLACKSMITH?!!!” (something  a youtuber named markiplier says in some of his videos)

5- checking out the herald “hey herald, I might sound like a dude and my face is all hollowed but I am actually a girl, so how about if I “leveled” you up”

6- at heidi’s whatever gate of douchness “oooooooooooooooooh so this place is the second level? then how come the road for it is soooooo freakin obvious than the first one?!!!”

7- using a bow at heidi’s “hey knights, looks like your fellow brethren used to be a knight until” fires an arrow at a nearby knight “he got an arrow to the knee nyuk nyuk nyuk”

8- after a long fight with ONE knight at heidi’s house of douche “man, that was a long fiIIAAAAAAAAA” now chased by more knights”

9- enters a mysterious mist “I am tired, I just wanna level up and…..” accidentally goes up against dragon rider

what you have read above if you are a first time player of dark souls 2 is possibly what you too would be saying as well,

my verdict: best immersive game ever played, it gives you total control of the player and the stakes become higher as you go on, the enemies are relentless and challenging (but with a good strategy, any class could  defeat any enemy)

my build: kickass swordswoman

…..oh and one most important thing


have fun

Glitches…..are they made on purpose?

after watching (and playing) a lot of games and speedruns, you would see a lot of glitches, obvious mistakes made from the game and the such. one question would pop in your head (or at least the curious ones), are glitches really a byproduct (I should double check the meaning -_-) of the game’s programming or is it something to troll us gamers?

modding any game

[[[[[WARNING: READING AHEAD!!!!!!]]]]]]]]

nearly everyone has a game in their laptops (or PCs) that they love so much and play it a lot, for me its oblivion, no matter how old or glitchy the game is, I just can’t ignore it. with the number of things you can do you the game (its limitless OWO) but then… some point of your gaming life, you start to realize the limits, walls and restrictions (even start asking your self “they could’ve done this” or “they could’ve done that”), you even start to feel a wall that’s stopping you from going further (possibly even enjoying the game at its fullest, even if you tried going for the hardest)…..but then you learn about this term called “mods”. this word alone can change the game (from simple bugs to WTF!!!). I am writing this blog because I modded a game I had before to the point where it doesn’t work anymore (GTA: San andreas, my other favorite game). I want to tell YOU (the reader), that before you do any type of modding or adding anything to the game, please, remember to BACK-UP your game because trust me, at some point, your game will reach the point of “I QUIT!!!!! GO PLAY ANOTHER GAME!!!!”. another tip is to ALWAYS FOCUS on what you want to mod (say you want to add an extra sword mod, resist the urge of searching for extra mods because YOU WILL LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR in the first place.

that’s all I have to say, from one gamer who has already modded their game (game still functions, I have multiple backups and its more awesome than ever -w-) to a soon-to-become-modder.

thank you for your time =w=