Our imagination is what helps us separate reality from fiction

The last couple of years have seen a massive jump in computer technology, ranging from CPUs to how much the PC uses energy and one of the greater things the majority of humans always gets excited about is the increase in graphics.

We have jumped from characters made out of pixels to characters made out of high-res polygons so high, my somewhat beefed up laptop couldn’t handle it. But just because it has higher graphics doesn’t make everything better, no I am not talking game-wise (although that is a topic in itself), I am talking about the affects of prolonged exposure to ultra high quality graphics, let me give an example, VR is slowly becoming a thing in our daily life (I think it already has become) and its most prominent use is in horror games where people using VR would need to change their pants due to how frightening the game is but 20 years ago, developers had to make due with whatever their hardware was capable of and still managed to scare people in that time, the difference between the two timelines is how close to realistic games have become.

When using VR and the games graphics are close to realistic, the user themselves will slowly lose touch of reality and think the game world is real and this is what terrifies me the most, graphics becoming so real, you can’t tell the difference, you lose grip of reality granted some people play games with graphics so realistic, you can see the character’s sweat pores but some don’t, there are a category of people who can easily lose grip of reality.

I do support progression in technology and such but I think we have reached a point in graphics production and we should stop, or else at some point, a teenager can download an ultra hi-res model of whatever famous idol and use it in blender 31.50F

welcome to the wordpresslink shrine

if you have been released from an asylum and hitching a crow to get here then you’ve come to the right place.

I bought dark souls a couple of days ago and its sooooooo epic on sooo many unexpected levels. there are some things that annoyed me (like not being able to throw a spear) but other than that, its a blast, having sorcery and shouting “hido san-ju-san sokatsui!!!!” (bleach reference if you were wondering) at enemies and killing them brings out the anime/manga boy out of me.

the best aspect so far and being summoned by other players and helping them, you meet many interesting individuals.

as for the majelah, things were progressing slowly due to quizzes and midterms but hopefully a page will be uploaded this weekend.

I bid you all a farewell and PRAISE THE SUN!!!!

An interesting life hack I have discovered


I am a semi-nintendo fan who loves smash , you do the math of why I haven’t been posting anything for the last few days

ok, so when a family has kids and those kids grow up to be addicted video gamers, they are bound to choose a side or choose them all (meaning choosing either xbox or sony or nintendo).  so one of my cousins has a nintendo 3ds (if you don’t know what that is, then I suggest you get your researching skills to work), I played with some of the games they have and one notable feature I noticed from the 3ds is the pedometer (its not a meter to gauge your pedophileness but I am sure that such a device exists), what the pedometer does (aside from the obviously counting the amount of steps you have taken) is with every 100 steps you take, you get one coin, now this coin isn’t a worthless coin, it actually has a purpose, lets say you are playing a game and you want to buy an important strong item, if you don’t have enough ingame money, you could use the coin you have gathered to buy it. this feature alone could literally change one’s lifestyle because in order to collect coins (the maximum amount I have heard is 300 coins a day which amounts to 300,000 steps needed), you need to walk a lot. I could imagine people with 3ds parking their car farther or even walking to their destination just to get more coins (not to mention the streetpasses they’d get). (and don’t try to fool the 3ds to think that you are taking steps when you are not moving, my cousins tried and nothing worked, so you pretty much HAVE to walk to get the coins)

my point is that there are soooooo many fitness programs with the aim to make people walk more often and it costs so much money (I understand why is it so expensive) and yet people only stick to the program for a month at maximum and yet when the 3ds introduced a system of which it rewards the person who walked with coins, they’re hooked. its interesting how you can rewire the mind to do something when a reward system is introduced.

anyway, that’s all I have for now, bye bye and have fun

Hello and I am back from my little trip


just a quick thing I wanna say, I am kinda jealous of how crazy hentai and ecchi stories can get, mainly because they’re not being held back by the silly laws of viewer discretion.

anyway, with that said, on with the blog

I was at riyadh for a couple of days of which I spent at my cousin’s house, we had lots of fun, we stayed up, watched movies, played the demo of super smash bros (the new one) on the 3ds, watched my cousins play yugioh (both solo and tag team…..HARDCORE STUFFF)…but the highlight was a game called dark souls 2, apparently this game is a synonym to the ultimate rage game, since I have watched countless youtubers play this game and rage like crazy, so, in order to debunk this myth of being the most rage inducing game ever, I decided to play it (first off, I would like to mention that I have an un-broken record of creating female characters rather than male character because females rock).

the following statements were the most common things I have said during me playing the game (for those who have played the game before, I bet you’ll get a kick out of this, I can’t remember the names of the place but I am sure you’ll figure it out based on what I have said):

1- at the beginning of the game “does this game have the break the pot and get stuff logic?”

2- at the beginning of the game “ok, all I have to do is just jump across this hole”(forgets to read the sign explaining that the character doesn’t automatically jump)

3- at the beginning of the game “whoa!! is that a coffin over there?!! but there’s a thingy guarding it, alright, all I have to do is OH MY GOD THERE”S TWO OF THEM!!!!)

4- at mujalo (whatever you call it) “where the blacksmith?! WHERE”S THE BLACKSMITH?!!!” (something  a youtuber named markiplier says in some of his videos)

5- checking out the herald “hey herald, I might sound like a dude and my face is all hollowed but I am actually a girl, so how about if I “leveled” you up”

6- at heidi’s whatever gate of douchness “oooooooooooooooooh so this place is the second level? then how come the road for it is soooooo freakin obvious than the first one?!!!”

7- using a bow at heidi’s “hey knights, looks like your fellow brethren used to be a knight until” fires an arrow at a nearby knight “he got an arrow to the knee nyuk nyuk nyuk”

8- after a long fight with ONE knight at heidi’s house of douche “man, that was a long fiIIAAAAAAAAA” now chased by more knights”

9- enters a mysterious mist “I am tired, I just wanna level up and…..” accidentally goes up against dragon rider

what you have read above if you are a first time player of dark souls 2 is possibly what you too would be saying as well,

my verdict: best immersive game ever played, it gives you total control of the player and the stakes become higher as you go on, the enemies are relentless and challenging (but with a good strategy, any class could  defeat any enemy)

my build: kickass swordswoman

…..oh and one most important thing


have fun